Women supporting women



To activate an empire of women by cultivating experiences and collaborations
that empower us to live our fullest lives.



A world where women can thrive together.



We are The Ace Class. We are a collective of ambitious, intelligent, fierce and passionate women who are determined to activate, cultivate and empower one another to live our fullest lives. Since the beginning of time, women have found their roots in their communities and their relationships. We fully recognize the collective power of our potential, which is why we offer a space where we can lift each other up, support one another and allow each other to thrive.

We value community over competition, support over sabotage and celebration over criticism.



We are a Canadian media and events company designed and created by women for women. We are founded in our intention to change the way women connect with other women. This intention is embedded in every single experience we create. We strive to break down the barriers of connection that exist amongst women and tap into our full potential to show that there is so much more that unites us than divides us.

Our content is created with the modern, get-shit-done woman in mind. We know you don’t have time for bullshit – you’re too busy running your empire.

We are real. We are raw. We are vulnerable. And we think that’s what strength is made of.



We do it because we know when a woman surrounds herself with a community of powerful, like-minded women she is exposed to an incredible source of support, inspiration and understanding.

Women are nurturing, intuitive and communal human beings. Rather than try and stomp that out, we aim to amplify these core values through connection, conversation and community.

We do it because we want to see women rise and feel empowered in their sense of purpose. We don’t judge – it’s not our style. Instead we see the positives in setbacks and failure because it means you took a chance on something.

We do it because we can activate conversations that inspire, we can cultivate connections and community that have impact and we can empower each other with positive insight and influence.

We do it because we’re rooting for you. And we know you are someone super fucking brilliant.



Grab a seat and come sit with us;

Welcome to The Ace Class.