Our vision is to create a world where women can thrive together.

OUR mission

To create a supportive and empowering place for leaders and emerging leaders to learn and grow from each other while building enriching personal connections with like minded, highly ambitious women.

what is the ace master class?

The Ace Master Class is a unique series of programs designed for ambitious women in business who are seeking support and accountability to reach their greatest potential both in business and in life. Our mission is designed and created by listening to the women in our community. A hybrid collision of the best elements of a mastermind group, a co-mentorship group or a professional development group this support network is by women and for women designed to take you to the next level.

There are two ways we support you through The Ace Master Class. Choose your journey:

1. 90-Day Level-Up Programs

2. Monthly Peer Coaching Groups

* Intake is open now for our March programs. Limited space available.


meet our 90-day coaches


“It is my purpose to empower the people around me to take action to live their most fulfilled life. Since 2007, I’ve been able to turn my purpose into a career in counselling, corporate leadership development and wellness. As your coach, I will provide you with the tools and support to make the bold moves you want to in your business, health and career. We will work on moving through what’s been holding you back, squashing the fear of failure and other limiting beliefs. As we work together to build a new relationship with challenges and redefine what success could look like, you will start to finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of.”


“I speak, teach + coach for one reason: to help talented women GO PRO with their dreams, stepping into the spotlights — and revenue streams — they so richly deserve. My work integrates leadership activation, personal brand strategy, personal mastery and profit-driven business design.”




leadership master class

If you are reading this and thinking, “There’s NO way that I can fit a 90-day program into my schedule, I’m already running at max capacity,” then you are exactly who this program is for. We know far too many talented entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals giving all of themselves to their businesses, their clients, their teams, and their families… but their own personal development lands last on their list. Which the of course, you guessed it impact the way you show up in the world…

Led by Coach Mallory Chapman.


This program kicks off Tuesday, March 19th and is available nationally as it’s 100% digitally led.


strategic foundations MASTER CLASS

This is for you if you are interested in turning your side gig, hobby or not-yet profitable venture into a successful business. With three months of focused attention, you’ll walk out of this program with a business strategy, clear revenue streams and a brand identity you are proud of. This foundational training sets you up for visibility and success in your first few years of business.

Led by Coach Stephanie Pollock.


Note: The next intake for our Strategic Foundations group will be announced soon. Apply below to be notified.






Open to anyone interested in joining either coaching session.


A chance to meet your coach, set goals and connect with other group members.


Each week your coach will be checking in on your progress and supporting

with any roadblocks online and via phone.


Virtual meetings and online support because we know you are busy building your empire.


After 90 days, the group will reconnect to celebrate the wins, share the learnings and

re-commit to furthering your business with your new foundation.

Join The Ace Master Class

Master your hustle. Master your priorities.
Master your goals. Master your life.

*thrive beyond survival mode with Mallory Chapman*

meet our monthly peer group coaches

The Ace Master Class Peer to Peer coaching group is proven to elevate leadership capacity and provide measurable impact in the overall success of its participants through accountability, revenue generation strategies and business model development.








Still have questions before you commit? Give us a shout at amber@theaceclass.com