Ace Talks: Stephanie Hoogveld


Stephanie Hoogveld on Creating for Positive Change and Igniting Your Inner Woman of Wonder

Stephanie Hoogveld, local artist in Calgary with a mission to paint for positive change, has a superpower for positivity and brings purpose and passion into everything she does. She not only creates to add beauty to spaces, she creates to communicate a deeper emotion and ignite a connection to every piece. Stephanie talks on finding her purpose and passion, and gets real on how she was led to her creative journey to create Woman of Wonder, a whimsical and powerful collection celebrating women rising up in their communities to do good work.

Stephanie has been selected as a female entrepreneur to participate in The Build Her Business ATB BoostR competition. Help Stephanie in her goal of reaching $5000 for a chance to win a mentorship, business course, and a financial contribution.

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