Show Your Finances Who's Boss with Chantel Chapman

We’ve got 99 problems and money can be a real one.


As we all know, adulting can be a struggle and when it comes to adulting with money, well, struggle is an understatement. Maybe it’s the consumer-based culture we live in, the constant need to live up to Instagram standards by buying the coolest things, or how we’ve trained ourselves that shopping will make us feel better; whatever the cause, money can be the main source of our life problems. Chantel Chapman is a financial coach and credit score expert and has created a business to help millennials solve their dolla dolla bill problems. She is also our next keynote speaker at our Vancouver Babes Who Brunch and we couldn’t be more excited to learn all the things about keeping our finances in check.

Chantel founded What The Finances with a goal in mind: “To enable anyone to become financially literate, independent and feel supported as they encounter financial milestones in their life.” Sound like something you could use? If you’re starting a business, need a budget plan, can’t control your spending habits or just want to know more about credit score, Chantel is your girl.

Bringing 14 years of experience as a mortgage broker and extensive research in addiction, Chantel wants to help people heal, grow, and strengthen their relationship with their bank accounts. She combines financial education with her meditation teachings, intentional mindfulness for healing behavioural issues with money have become the core of her teachings. Plus, anyone who has two dogs named Pablo and Yeezus is total goals in our books.

Join us on Saturday, June 23rd at per se Social Corner for a morning of mindfulness, connection, and financial education. You’ll leave brunch feeling more confident about your finances, goals to save for that next big thing and education about how it all works. Did we mention you’ll meet other incredible boss babes to build that roster of yours? We’ll see you there.

Connect with Chantel:  @chantelchapman