“Things are going great, business wise… but when does this get easier?  When can I make myself a priority again?”

With a few years under your belt, it’s starting to feel like the grind is repeating itself.  You love your work, but are wondering when you can start making yourself a priority again. How you can move beyond surviving and begin THRIVING.

Coach Mallory Chapman will lead you through a 90-day program that integrates self-care and making yourself a priority so that you can make your business a priority… effectively.  Covering topics centred around a theme of emotional management, this program integrates health, wellness and mindfulness. By addressing the areas of your life that can often be neglected, you will develop the emotional resilience necessary to show up in all areas of your life.


✔ An orientation session on Saturday, January 26th

✔ A ½ day kickoff workshop on Saturday, February 9th, live and in person with your coach, that will set the stage for the growth to come

✔ Weekly virtual meetings with your coach and a cohort of women that are at a similar stage of their journey and are facing the same challenges as you

✔ A monthly 90-minute call with your cohort to keep you accountable

✔ A total of 20 hours with a professional business coach (A $3,000 value)

✔ A Three Month individual membership in The Ace Class (A $90 value)

There’s only 20 spaces available in this session. Take control of your future today.

Session led by:


Mallory Chapman




Still have questions before you commit? Give us a shout at amber@theaceclass.com