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Leaders Elite Lunch

You have either climbed the corporate ladder or established yourself as a savvy entrepreneur.

You have rolled up your sleeves and put in the work. People count on you to lead, inspire, mentor, build and show up for your team.

We are here for you.  

At The Ace Class, we firmly believe in surrounding women with a community that understands the unique leadership qualities that women possess. We are passionate about bringing women together to connect and be a positive influence for each other.

Introducing our Leaders Elite Lunch. This is an exclusive invite-only event designed for women at the top of their game. This private lunch brings leading women together.

The Leaders Elite Lunch is a forum for real-talk, experience-based leadership training, valuable connections, and personal growth. It is a space where women share professional advice in an intimate and confidential setting. Each lunch is headlined with well-known keynote speakers sharing their leadership experiences.

This event is about empowering female leaders through communication, connection, and community.