If you are reading this and thinking, “There’s NO way that I can fit a 90-day program into my schedule, I’m already running at max capacity,”  then you are exactly who this program is for.  We know far too many talented entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals giving all of themselves to their businesses, their clients, their teams, and their families… but their own personal development lands last on their list.

By devoting as little as 20 hours to your own growth over the next 90 days, you will become more effective in showing up for the people that matter… and that should include showing up for yourself.

Mallory will lead you through a four step process to eliminate overwhelm and anxiety, and shift from a place of surviving to thriving.  You will gain valuable new leadership skills, a positive shift in mindset, the ability to cultivate healthier habits and boundaries, and an action plan to integrate everything you’ve learnt into your business and life.  


✔ 4 x 90 minute group coaching calls

✔ Bi-weekly office hours for accountability and support

✔ A digital space to connect with your coach and cohort

✔ Actionable takeaways from each meeting

✔ A total of 20 hours with a professional business coach

✔ Tools, resources and support

There’s only 15 spaces available in this session. Take control of your future today.

Program outline

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a business leader, or a professional on the rise, Mallory’s program will integrate skills in areas such as perseverance, stress management, and emotional resiliency, allowing you and your team to build a high performing culture and cultivate work-life harmony.

  1. Purpose and Values Identification - By knowing what really matters in your life and your business, you will have a roadmap for confidence in your decisions and be able to lead by example.

  2. Self Care And boundaries  -  When you re-prioritize yourself, you will gain the clarity necessary to be more efficient and show up for others in a more intentional way.  Once you differentiate between business hours and personal time, and lead by example, you will reduce your risk of burnout and maximize productive output.  

  3. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs - Learn that you have the power to change your belief system and conquer feelings of failure, rejection, and the dreaded imposter syndrome.

  4. Closing The Intention and Behaviour Gap - Create a plan that aligns intentions with daily habits and practices, and inspire the people in your life to cultivate the behaviours that lead to success.  

This program is 100% digital, delivered through video conferencing and digital tools - there is no geographic barrier to your participation!

Program led by:


Mallory Chapman
Leadership Coach



It’s time to be “unfuckable-with".

Still have questions before you commit? Give us a shout at amber@theaceclass.com