We are The Ace Class. We are a collective of ambitious, intelligent, fierce and passionate women who are determined to activate, cultivate and empower one another to live our fullest lives. Since the beginning of time, women have found their roots in their communities and their relationships. We fully recognize the collective power of our potential, which is why we offer a space where we can lift each other up, support one another and allow each other to thrive. We value community over competition, support over sabotage and celebration over criticism.


We are a Canadian media and events company designed and created by women for women. We are founded in our intention to change the way women connect with other women. This intention is embedded in every single experience we create. We strive to break down the barriers of connection that exist amongst women and tap into our full potential to show that there is so much more that unites us than divides us.

Our content is created with the modern, get-shit-done woman in mind. We know you don’t have time for bullshit – you’re too busy running your empire.

We are real. We are raw. We are vulnerable. And we think that’s what strength is made of.

our vision

To create a world where women thrive together.

In less than 18 months, we’ve had more than 5,000 women to over events across Canada. We've received countless emails and social media messages from women who tell us that The Ace Class has been a catalyst for a shift in their lives professionally and personally - we are just getting started. 


Our membership platform is designed to create more value for our community. Our memberships allow us to create a sustainable business model to support creating content, building a mentor network and elevating our experiences. The value we give to our members is through in real life experiences that foster connection, inspiration and empowerment.


The money we raise for our memberships will build the Ace Vision and by investing in a membership, you'll also help us grow the Ace team and provide more services to our community. This includes:

  • Elevated events and experiences

  • More events and workshops ( a total of 48 + events p/year )

  • Development of a content library that will be shared through podcasts, webinars and workshops featuring thought leaders and experts in the personal and professional development

  • Creating a digital membership portal w/ a curated community of like minded women to connect with

  • A directory of suggested partners and trusted professionals to help you with personal and professional development

  • High calibre speakers at our events

  • Downloadable tools to help our members succeed 

  • Access to exclusive offers and VIP experiences from our partners

  • Providing access to our events for women and youth who could otherwise not afford it*
    * Part of The Ace Class' mission is to support women in need and we'd like to offer seats at each of our events for nominated women in need to attend


The Ace Class will be transitioning away from our current model officially as of June 30th, 2018. You will still be able to gain access to our events on a one-off basis however, our ticket prices will be going up to reflect the costs of doing business. We will offer a members ticket and a non-members ticket. Your membership will kick in immediately and we'll be sending all annual subscribers a welcome package including exclusive Ace swag as a thank you for the support before September arrives. Over the summer, we will be hosting members only experiences and in the fall we will be kicking off new events and content designed to support, inspire and empower our members.


Our current model is break-even at best and we put our hearts and souls into creating valued experiences that make an impact in our community. We want to fully commit to building out the vision for The Ace Class and in turn create something that will last forever. This requires an immediate investment in talent and resources. 


If you really need to go… ( we’ll miss you ), you can cancel monthly memberships with 30 days notice. There are no refunds on annual memberships.

How much will tickets to events be? 

Members receive 20% off all Ace experiences - including our conference, RISE. More information here:


Babes Who Brunch: Members $45, Non-Members $55
Wing Woman: Members $20, Non-Members $35
Toast: Members $25, Non-Members $35
Workshops: Members only, $25

* The above prices are an example of three monthly events we will continue to offer each month in Calgary. We will be launching two new monthly recurring series in the fall as well as gearing up for our 2019 Conference where we will have members only events you won't want to miss. 
* The reflection on event savings per month with a membership is ~ $50 not to mention all of the other valuable offerings we provide our members

Outside of events, how else does The Ace Class Membership provide value?

The reason we are offering an opportunity to become a founding member is because we need access to resources to build the value we know will create an impact in our members lives. Think downloadable tools, webinars, professional advice and access to mentors.

What do you mean, digital community?

We have a members only Facebook Group and a members only Slack channel where you can opt in to be a part of. The longer term plan is to build a membership portal that connects our members, hosts our content and provides access to our mentor network. This should be released by the end of 2018.

Will my boss pay for an Ace Class Membership?

The Ace Class Membership is designed to support and encourage professional and personal development. Our events provide access to a community of like-minded group of women for key networking and community building. The speakers and professionals we have at our events are considered industry leaders and thought leaders and provide impact in our members leadership development. So yeah, we have drafted a sample e-mail here for you to pitch your boss.  Download this here.


Contribute. By supporting the launch of The Ace Class Memberships you’re helping us grow the organization so we can provide you with a platform that helps you and your business grow while meeting and connecting with like minded women across the country. 

Share. Help turn this into a movement by spreading the word on the value The Ace Class has brought to your life and to our community. Whether it’s by email, social, or otherwise, your voice will go a long way. Here's a folder with images designed for your IG stories to make it easy to share and tell your community that you've joined as a Founding Member.

Join. Sign up for an Ace Class Membership to receive our updates, access our online network and invitations to upcoming events. We have pre-released our memberships at an exclusive price point for the first 200 women who join who will earn the title as The Ace Class Founding Members - earning exclusive VIP swag and members only experiences from our team. Get access to membership here.

Don't just take our word for it, this is what our community is saying:

“Honoured to address this crowd of boss babes today. Thank you for the laughs, love and really, real women.” - Kelly Doody, Co-founder Press + Post and The Social School

“Without question, best ladies event I have ever attended. I got the opportunity to sit next to some amazing ladies that didn’t know I was speaking and I was immediately inspired. We have such a fantastic community and I met so many people I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - Michelle Berg, CEO at Elevated HR

“Feeling so incredibly moved by the brunch I attended yesterday. Thank you to The Ace Class for bringing this event to our city. Never have I felt so connected to a complete stranger. The speaker, Danica Slattery was so raw, honest and amazing. Feeling empowered, supported and loved. Honestly can’t wait to attend my next brunch. I didn’t even take a single photo, because I wanted to be in the moment and soak in every minute of this experience.” - Tanya-Lynn de Delley

“Wow, what an amazing way to spend the morning. Thank you Cree Ryan for sharing your inspiring story (and making me want to go centre myself in a forest like right now), to The Ace Class for putting on this amazing brunch, and to all the lovely, strong ladies I got to hang out with today! I can’t recommend Babes Who Brunch enough - see y’all at the next one!” - Delta Hirsch

"I recently had the pleasure of attending Toast as a guest and I must say, this event is incomparable. Every detail is taken into account; from the quality of the breakfast served, to the speakers, the ability to networking, and the content/topics discussed. If you are looking for a way to connect with other likeminded women then start your day at the next Toast event, you won't regret it. " 

"I had the honour of sharing my story at a recent Babes Who Brunch event and was blown away by my experience as a speaker. From the quality of the event, the professionalism of the team, the warm welcome from their community and their charitable involvement  - every detail was covered. Huge shout-out to The Ace Class for creating and nurturing an amazing community while offering kick-ass, inspirational events for all of us to enjoy." - Marlo Brausse, owner of Barre Body Studio

“I’m attending #DreamGirl tonight at #StudioBell and in case you didn’t know here’s proof that connecting women at conferences and like events makes a difference in our career futures. Thank you The Ace Class for all that you do!” - Jane Whitton