16 Women of Wonder Featured in Local Artist’s Collection

What is a ‘Woman of Wonder’? A "Woman of Wonder" signifies someone who you are in awe of, inspired by and look up to. She is doing incredible things in her personal life, community, and career and is constantly looking for ways to level up those around her. She believes in making a positive impact on the community. She is you.


We're so incredibly excited to partner up with the talented Calgarian artist, Stephanie Hoogveld to bring her Women of Wonder Series to life with her first solo Art Gala and Fundraiser on Saturday, September 28th. This event, in honour of her mom passing after a courageous fight with cancer, features a collection of 16 magical oil paintings celebrating the stories and "wow" factor of women doing incredible things in their personal life, community, and career. To celebrate these women and to tease the paintings you will have an opportunity to purchase, we are giving you a glimpse into who these women are below:


Meet the 16 Women of Wonder in the collection


Mandy Balak

Mandy is the Founder and CEO of It’s Date Night, the go-to guide for experiences in Calgary and ACE, a Canadian organization that unites women from all walks of life to RISE up, reach for more and own their success. She created ACE to allow women the space to experience vulnerable and real conversations, to build community and to get the support they need to grow and thrive. She is a leader by example and true boss babe spreading her mission all across Canada.



Tayah Almond

Tayah is pure sunshine. Her passion, zest for life and incredible sense of humour are all qualities that beam from her kindred soul. After overcoming the tragic loss of her mother and grandmother in a short time frame, she has transformed her grief into the creation of her new podcast UP TOP;  A collection of inspiring interviews with successful entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and people from all walks of life who have overcome obstacles and are kicking ass in life - real people, real stories, real possibility.  Tayah also works for the Canadian government and is happy to give back on a larger scale for a country she is proud to call home. She believes that  happiness breeds success and recently received four awards for her work in the area of engagement, giving back to the community, innovation and helping to create a higher performing organization.



Carmen Morin

Carmen is the owner and executive director of Morin Music Studios where she shares her passion for music and education with future generations.  Making her orchestral debut at the age of 10 with the Calgary Civic Symphony, she has been featured several times as guest soloist with orchestras in Canada, as well as to represent the Canadian Embassy in a performance tour showcasing Canadian talent. She was named Top 40 Under 40 in Calgary and received the Mount Royal Horizon Award for Alumni Achievements.



Shannon Pestun

Shannon is the Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship, and part of the Indigenous Relations Advisory Circle at ATB Financial. Her commitment to advocating for women’s economic empowerment has been widely recognized. She is leading the strategy to reimagine banking for women, centred around implementing critical changes and breaking down barriers women face in entrepreneurship. 



Lucy Dunne

Lucy is a Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutrition Coach and founder of her online training program, Dunnebells. After overcoming an eating disorder, losing over 65 pounds and moving across the globe she has been named Canada’s top trainer with impact magazine while growing her business over 400% in 2 years.   Her mission is to help her clients feel the fire, not fear it.



Katie Smith

Katie Smith is building a community for young, professional women working in Canada’s oil and natural gas industry. As executive director of Young Women in Energy it is her personal mission to champion the interest of young women in the energy sector. She is ambitious about changing the world, making it a better place and ensuring equality for all.



Zaria Forman

Zaria is an incredibly talented artist who creates monumental pastel drawings that document climate change, arguably the most important challenge we face as a global community. Through travels with NASA, National Geographic and many other expeditions, she has dedicated her career to translating and illuminating scientists’ warnings and statistics through an accessible medium, whereby her drawings allow viewers to emotionally connect with a place they may never have the chance to visit. She believes that if people can experience the sublimity of these landscapes, perhaps they will be inspired to protect and preserve them.



Leslie Voorhees

Leslie is the CEO and co-founder of Dress Anomalie, the go-to online brand for custom wedding dresses! After sourcing her own wedding dress and realizing a broken industry, she saw an opportunity to offer all brides one-of-a-kind wedding dresses for any style, size and budget. Leslie is a mechanical engineer with a Harvard MBA and after working at companies such as Nike and Apple, she has now built one of the fastest growing companies while offering a world-class place for women to start their careers.

@anomalie @leslievoorhees


Carla Macleod

Carla MacLeod was a defenceman for Team Canada for six seasons and is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the 2006 Torino Olympics - where she was named to the Media All-Star team. She has received numerous awards throughout her career but was recently named to Alberta’s Sports Hall of Fame. Carla retired in 2010 and now dedicates her passion for the game to coaching and mentoring others. She strives to impact others positively ensuring her they know she cared about them not as hockey players but as people. 


Anila Lee Yuen

Anila is the CEO of the Center for Newcomers spearheading settlement for immigrants. She has been recognized for her devotion to helping others receiving the Governor General's Award for women's rights, the University of Calgary Alumni Award and being named Top 40 under 40 in Calgary.



April Wiscombe

April is a partner at an accounting and tax firm. Her main focus is managing client's full cycle accounting and tax planning for long term success.  She empowers and encourages women to grow their businesses by getting them excited about investing in their pursuits while trusting her support and guidance along the way. She is authentic and makes a big impact through building connections and assuring her clients they have a teammate who believes in them and their dreams. 



Jessica Janzen

Jessica believes in dreaming big, going anywhere and doing anything. Her love is deep and her joy is spread everywhere she goes. She is always finding a way to bring light into darkness and will rise up to anything she is faced with. After losing her son to Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Jessica has committed her life to helping those fight the disease, get treatment and a cure and still live joyfully. She and her family have dedicated themselves to raising money for the Love for Lewiston Foundation in memory of her son.



Symone Sheane

Symone is the sustainable creative director and owner of boii. With a passion to do good, Symone has created a slow fashion clothing line that inspires women to create a life that is unconventional, connected, creative and fearless - a life with no apologies. Sustainability is at the core of the design process to ensure as many recycled materials are used in each piece of clothing reducing textile waste and creating a positive impact towards climate change through environmental and social influence. 



Kylie Mcbeath

Kylie is a health coach, emotional expert and cofounder of Zura Health which focuses on holistic healing. She has a beautiful kind soul and helps others step into their true self by empowering them to reclaim their power and ultimately build a life that they love. Kylie has realized that everything in life, no matter how painful, is an invitation to come back home to your deepest truth, and wholeness.



Jessica Tsang

Jessica is the founder of Direct Health Solutions, a Family Nurse Practitioner and a post-secondary educator dedicated to promote and provide holistic person-centred health care. Guided by the values of hope, dignity, and respect, she strives to optimize the patient and family experience through listening, empathy, collaboration. Recently, Jessica was awarded the the Millennial Leader – Woman of Inspiration award by the Canadian Business Chicks.



Leanne Pelosi

Leanne is a pro snowboarder and the fearless leader who directed and produced the film Full Moon. She has a passion for her community and puts every effort into giving women inspiration to get out to ride. Leanne is considered one of the most well-rounded professional snowboarders in the world, winning Snowboarder & Transworld Magazine's esteemed Female Rider Of the Year Award, Transworld Reader's Choice Award and appeared on the 2014 ESPN's Top 50 Women of Action Sports list. Leanne is also an active member on the rider's alliance for Protect Our Winters, the leading advocacy group for the winter sports community in the movement against climate change.


Join us for a one-of-a-kind night of art, connection and inspiration at Work Nicer Coworking on 17th Ave featuring live entertainment, speaker talks, a happy hour and live art auction of the Women of Wonder paintings.

Are you ready to celebrate these women of wonder at Stephanie Hoogveld’s Art Gala on September 28th in Calgary? Get your ticket here and join us. 10% of the proceeds are being donated to Highbanks Society.