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Empower yourself through your own personal development journey – all while wearing damn good jeans.


Megan Szanik, Owner, espy experience (Calgary) and Canadian Fashion Xperience (Banff)

Megan is the visionary and creator of the espy experience & The Canadian Fashion Xperience. With a career spanning more than 20 years and all realms of the fashion industry, the only thing Megan adores more than making an entrance is to convince – nay, show – you how hot you look in your jeans. Standing at the helm of a multi-million dollar independently owned business, Megan and the stylish espy team have to date raised more than $330,000 for charitable causes close to their hearts, racked up thousands of followers on their social platforms, and proudly sold more than 43,000 pairs of jeans to their adoring retail fans.

Fashion is more than just looking good in what you wear, it’s about how you feel in what you wear. Megan Szanik, owner of espy experience, knows this all too well and has dedicated her entire career to making people feel empowered in the clothes they wear. It’s all about rocking the perfect pair of jeans, right Megan? We feel so fortunate to have this boss lady join us on Saturday, July 22nd at our monthly Babes Who Brunch event as she shares her story on personal development.

Megan’s topic? "You are NOT the center of the universe, a personal development journey."

Have you ever felt lost in the search of finding what you are destined to do? Maybe you are going through a career change or a life-defining moment? It’s completely okay to know that you are a ‘work-in-progress’ because at the end of the day, aren’t we all? We don’t think anyone has everything all figured out… and if you do, come down to our level and teach us your ways, please. Our Babes Who Brunch series is dedicated to providing a safe place for women to know they are not alone in their experiences, where we have a speaker share her story, tips on how to overcome similar obstacles and to well, be really, really real with her audience. Megan will not only share her own experiences in developing herself personally and professionally, but she will also ignite the confidence in you to find that for yourself. The world is your runway so you better be damn confident walking down those streets, girl.

Personal development is something we all go through at all stages in our lives and is absolutely something worth celebrating amongst this network of women. It’s comforting to know we are never truly alone in what we’re going through. There’s always a woman near you going through similar situations in life and that is so evident in the conversations Babes Who Brunch sparks each month. The support we all show one another in this community is empowering in itself - and then you add a boss lady like Megan to the mix who helps guide the conversation over brunch and mimosas. Now, that’s a morning we can get ourselves behind!

Come join us as we welcome Megan to MARKET Calgary for our July edition by securing your spot. We can’t wait to connect with you there!

To learn more about espy experience and how to find the perfect pair of jeans, visit their website here.