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Being a boss babe is all about having the tenacity to bounce back even after the hardest of challenges. Hannah Cree, Co-Founder of CMNGD (COMMONGOOD) knows this all too well and will be hitting the mic on Saturday, September 16th at Babes Who Brunch to share her story. Read on to get a glimpse of who Hannah is before the event - maybe come prepared with some questions to ask her. *hint, hint*



Hannah Cree, co-founder of CMNGD (COMMON GOOD)

“Failed Business, messed up relationships, losing a baby, cancer (twice), Calgary Flood, and more doctor visits and surgeries than I can count. My friends' joke that I should be put in a bubble or a lab to be studied for science! The reality is I have hit my own rock bottom a few times, and I haven't even hit 40... yet.  

I am a sieve for information, I love to share and connect others to what they need. I have worked for big corporations to small businesses, led a business accelerator, and volunteer with the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre (the DI) and sit on the Startup Calgary advisory board.

Currently, I am leading the social entrepreneurship strategy & education at ATB plus I am the co-founder of CMNGD (COMMONGOOD); a local linen service providing living wage employment to people living in poverty.

I can't wait to share more of my story with you, and the many wake up calls I needed to find my path.“

Hannah’s entrepreneurial spirit runs deep — real deep. Her hustle all began at a young age with the start of her own lemonade and cherry stand. She even went as far as creating a business and marketing plan for her stand, say what?! Boss babe in the making for sure. Being raised amongst a family of entrepreneurs, it’s inevitable that Hannah would have the same spark to start something of her own someday.

With her passion for startups and nonprofits, Hannah is involved in all things that give back to the community in some way. Her resilience and strength to overcome setbacks in her life combined with her willingness to empower others to do good in their hood is something to celebrate in the ACE community.

This shows us that in the face of challenges, having the tenacity to overcome them and keep moving forward is where we see the most growth happen. We are beyond excited to listen to Hannah share the learnings she’s come across in her path to entrepreneurship. You better believe this will be a raw, authentic conversation in an intimate setting amongst us ladies.

Get your dresses (and business cards) ready — we’ll meet you at MARKET Calgary for our September edition.

Connect with Hannah on Twitter: @HannahCree_ @4theCMNGD

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