5 Fitness Studios to Check Out in Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver, you know #thesweatlife is a real thing. Athleisure floods the streets and sweat dates are a go-to for catching up with friends. It’s a privilege to live in a city that has so many options for getting your sweat on and many studios incorporate yoga and meditation as part of their regular offerings. Get your mindfulness on with these five favourite spots to hit up in the city:


1. The Practice Studio

The Practice Studio is a "whole life studio". They use four aspects of health in their whole life program - fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and life design. You can snag new recipes and sample treats from their holistic nutritionist post sweat.

2. Ride Cycle Club

Thrilling and addicting - it's like an underground club. Each RIDE is about hitting the beat and riding to the rhythm as a pack. If cardio isn't your thing, this is where you want to be - get lost in the music and have fun while you get those endorphins going.

3. Lagree West

Although you feel noticeably stronger after working out here, there is no plateau feeling. Bonus: classes are only 40 minutes so you can easily work a little sweat into your daily hustle.

4. Tight Club

This studio is all about community! Outside of their regular fitness schedule, they host workshops and cool community events that provoke raw conversations.

 5. Barre Fitness

These micro-movements leave you feeling some type of way the next day. Their shorter classes are easy to fit into your busy schedule and their Friday dance classes get you ready for the weekend.