Rosé 101: 5 Fun Facts About Everybody’s Favourite Summer Sip

Sip, sip, rosé! We love rosé. It’s pink, delicious, and a summer must-have. We drink pink like it’s our job when the weather hits anything above 0 degrees, but there’s more to this pink sip than meets the eye. Read on for five rosé facts and a special offer just for ACE members - because the only thing better than rosé is on-sale rosé.

fun facts about rosé

1. Rosé from Provence isn’t necessarily the best.

While rosé might be a new trend for us Canadians, coastal cities along the sunny Mediterranean have been drinking and making this style of wine for over a century. While Provence, France might claim to be the "queen" of rosé, there are numerous countries making excellent rosés that are just as good including Spain, Portugal, Canada, South Africa, Austria and even Bulgaria!

2. Rosé + Sushi = Heaven

The real beauty of this wine is that is pairs with so many dinner ideas. We drool just thinking about our next meal. Rosé pairs amazingly well with everything from grilled salmon and oysters, to paella and yes, sushi. The bright acidity of the rosé cuts through the fats in the fish (and avocado if you’re having California rolls) and makes for an out-of-this-world pairing.

3. Rosé isn't always sweet.

It’s a common misconception that rosé is sweet, but the pink sip can be bone-dry or sparkling – it all depends on sugar content and the style of wine the winemaker is aiming for. Look for rosés from France if you want something crisp and on the dryer side. Prefer sweet? Look for White Zinfandel on the label.

4. What makes rosé pink?

What’s responsible for that picture-perfect pink hue? There are three methods used to make rosé and each affects the colour.

Short Maceration

This is when the red wine grapes are left in the juice for a short period of time. The juice’s contact with the skins is responsible for the oh so Instagrammable millennial pink hue.

Saignée Method

For this method, some of the juice from red wine is taken and put into a new vat to make rosé. This method is very rare.

The Blending Method

The blending method is when a little bit of red wine is added to a vat of white wine.  (Winefolly)

 5. You don’t need to spend a fortune for a quality bottle of rosé.

Rosé is inexpensive to produce, so it shouldn’t cost you a pretty penny to rosé all day — you don’t need to spend more than $20 for a good bottle. Our shelves are stocked with bargain bottles of the summer sip.


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Words by: Rocky Mountain Wine, Spirits & Beer