5 Key Takeways from TOAST: Wealth and Investment

Last week, The Ace Class in partnership with ATB Investor Services, hosted the first event in its TOAST event series on wealth and investment. While the words “wealth and investment” scare the shit out of most us (guilty!), the event put our fears at ease and helped us understand that money doesn’t need to be an anxiety-producing topic.


If you couldn’t attend the event, or simply hit snooze too many times that morning, don’t fret. While it’s still better to experience things IRL, we’ve compiled a list of the five key takeaways from TOAST: Wealth and Investment edition – you and your bank account can thank us later.

1. Talk all that talk

The super stunning and seriously smart, Senior Financial Advisor for ATB Investor Services Nova Kane taught us all the things when it comes to managing one’s finances. One piece of advice that really stood out was her tips on what to expect when meeting with a financial advisor.

She mentioned that during your first meeting you should expect to do 80% of the talking. This not only includes discussing the current or non-existing state of your finances but also touching on your goals, dreams, and aspirations. She said a good financial advisor will spend his or her first meeting with you listening, and that if this is NOT the case, consider it a major red flag. After all, if your financial advisor doesn’t take the time to get to know you and your financial goals, how can he or she be equipped to handle your hard-earned wealth?

2. Comfort and confidence are key

The second piece of advice of Nova’s that really stood out was how critical it is to feel comfortable with your financial advisor. She used a great analogy stating, “You wouldn’t choose a doctor that you didn’t feel comfortable with, so why would you work with a financial advisor you didn’t feel comfortable with?”

Uhh, mic drop.

It’s totally true. Just because your financial advisor is the same person your parents use, doesn’t mean he or she is right for you. You need someone you can jive with, speak honestly to, and above all, trust with your financial future.

3. Change your thoughts, change your future

Gaynor Levisky, Mastery Coach at ATB Investor Services and CEO of Junction 180 completely blew our minds by discussing how big of a role our thoughts play in achieving our financial goals. She conducted an exercise in which she had the audience say the words that first came to mind when thinking of the word “money”. Since most attendees had negative associations with the word, she demonstrated how that thinking affects our behaviour, and in turn, our likelihood of saving our money.

For example, if you constantly think “I am never going to be able to afford a house,” that repeated thought controls your behaviour. So much so, that when it comes to saving, you either: A. Don’t save at all because what’s the point if you’re never going to be able to afford a house, or B. Don’t intentionally save enough to achieve your goal. What you think, you believe. So, one way to start flexing those saving muscles begins with your thoughts.

Whether you want a house or simply a week on the beach, you need to start training your thoughts to believe it CAN happen and your actions will follow suit.

4. Pivot with your passions

Panelist Paula Worthington, Senior Account Director at North Strategic and travel writer and photographer helped put our passion projects in perspective. These days, a lot of women have a side hustle in addition to their nine-to-fives. Since we often get caught up in the daily grind, Paula highlighted the importance of keeping balance in your life and giving yourself time to pursue your passions.

She also discussed how critical it is to listen to your head, your heart and your gut. She mentioned sometimes you’ll lead with your head and your gut, and perhaps other times with just your heart, but that it’s vital to maintain balance across all three domains. And, that there might come a time when your heart and your gut tell you it’s time to pivot your career to turn that side hustle into a full-time gig, and while you might not feel fully ready to make the move, trust your instincts anyway.

5. Be savvy about how you save

Panelist Tifanee Po, Co-founder and Operations Director of Closet Raid Inc. and Co-founder Nice Party talked about some seriously shocking statistics surrounding the fashion industry. According to Value Village, “85 per cent of our collective apparel ends up in a landfill – that’s over 10.5 million tons of clothing.”


This ignited a fire within Tifanee and led her and her partner, Bethany to create Closet Raid Inc. Closet Raid is a series of pop-up consignment clothing events. Tifanee had the audience thinking long and hard about just how many items we actually wear in our closets. Yeah, the number is terrifying.

So, for all the fashion lovers out there, one way to seriously save some dough is to shop consignment. Getting creative with how you spend your money can go a long way towards your savings goals as well as help with building a more sustainable planet. Now that’s something we can get on board with.

While these are key learnings from TOAST, the truth is we learned so much more, some of which we might not even fully realize yet. So, come toast to the good life – a life worth living at our next TOAST event taking place on February 27th on Habits of Success and Leadership. Those interested in attending can buy their ticket here.