5 People with Killer Personal Branding on Social Media

Are you ever aimlessly scrolling through social media, and then, find your finger come to a grinding halt on a beautiful image or a far-too-relatable meme?

With the human attention span averaging only eight seconds (yes, that’s less than a goldfish’s), and the sheer amount of information and ads we’re exposed to everyday, getting people to actually stop scrolling and notice your content is becoming a serious art form in and of itself.

Since developing a killer personal brand is becoming more and more critical in today’s busy feeds, we recently collaborated with UpHouse to run a personal branding workshop in Winnipeg. Thirty entrepreneurs and professionals gathered at The Yoga Barre, and together, we worked through the process of building personal brand platforms and social media marketing strategies.

In one exercise, participants chose their customer connection point – one of four ways they could connect to customers through something deeper than a surface level buyer-seller relationship:

  1. Offer the ultimate quality (in a product or service)

  2. Use exclusivity to give the customer special status

  3. Improve the customer’s sense of self worth

  4. Connect the customer to a community of like-minded people

So what does that look like in practice? Keep reading to uncover UpHouse’s list of five social media influencers who they believe are slaying it on social media. Not only are some of them funny AF, or hold the ability to effortlessly communicate #realtalk, but they have also successfully defined their brand, and use it to create loyal fans and customers. And let’s face it, the only way to get better at something is by learning to take some cues from the best. One look at these feeds, and we guarantee you’ll become an insta follower.

Brooke Van Ryssel -


Her superpower for connecting with her followers: Teaching self-improvement

Brooke embodies self-improvement. She is the owner of the first body positive-gym in Winnipeg, so it’s not surprising that her social media presence screams #FlawsDontExist. Brooke is funny, accepting and loving, and she does a great job of reflecting that on her social channels.

Brooke uses Instagram to share self-love advice with her followers and promote future fitness classes that her gym is hosting. She has also mastered the art of user generated content. By featuring her clients, Brooke can effortlessly connect with her audience by allowing real people who go to her gym to do the brand advocacy work for her.  

Sarah Delaney -


Her superpower for connecting with her followers: Keeping her craft exclusive

Sarah is an artist from Vancouver who has built an incredible following of more than 34,000 people. Even though she has reached Instagram fame, she has chosen to keep her craft exclusive. If you go to Sarah’s website, you will notice that all her paintings are limited edition originals. And let’s face it, you don’t have to be a world-renowned economist to realize the power behind this savvy supply/demand strategy.

Sarah’s Instagram feed is a combination of her work, creative process, and personal life. While she mainly posts her artwork and the thought process behind her pieces, Sarah doesn’t shy away from sharing pictures of places that inspire her, as well as personal stories from her daily life, giving followers a bird’s eye view into an incredibly creative and inspiring mind.

Leandra Medine -


Her superpower for connecting with her followers: Building a community

Leandra is the founder of ManRepeller and one of the OG fashion bloggers. Through her then-blog-now-turned-media-company, she has created a safe space for women all over the world to share their thoughts on the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, and everything else in between. ManRepeller’s mission statement completely echoes that. “[ManRepeller] can mean whatever you need it to mean: maybe it’s a shoulder to cry on, a caffeine jolt on a lazy day... One thing is fo sho, tho(ugh): ManRepeller isn’t just a website.”

Leandra’s Instagram is a breath of fresh air. Her posts are far from what some may consider the average fashion blogger content. Leandra’s feed is a reflection of who she is – fashionable, funny, and unfiltered. She posts everything about her life: from celebrity run-ins, to fashion trends she’s trying, and candid pictures of her twins crying. After seeing a few of her posts, you’ll be wondering where you can sign up to become her new BFF.

Girl with No Job -


Her superpower for connecting with her followers: By building a community that is relatable, funny and gives people an escape from their daily stresses

Although her Instagram handle suggests that she is unemployed, Claudia Oshry actually has a pretty sweet job. With a global following of almost three million people, Claudia is frequently approached for sponsored posts. She reached Instagram fame as a meme account, and has since leveraged that to her benefit: she started her own online morning show for Millennials, called The Morning Toast, and became a stand-up comedian with shows all over North America.

Girl with No Job has a great understanding of the high-level of competition that exists in the Instagram meme game, which is why she is trying to be different. She does not shy away from sharing her offline life with her online followers. You can always count on her for videos of her performing an interpretative dance to the iPhone ringtone, or Instagram stories of her retaliating against people that call her out on her dirty jeans. She has also built an online community through her morning show. Recently, she organized a camp for viewers of the show, which very appropriately was called the Camp Toast.

Mike Peters -


His superpower for connecting with his followers: Establishing a commitment to quality

Mike Peters, widely known as @93mp due to his Instagram handle, is a photographer based in Winnipeg. You can certainly count on Mike for high-quality, breathtaking pictures. Mike lets his work speak for himself, and it seems to be a good strategy considering the fact that he has almost 36,000 followers.

Mike’s feed is a combination of beautiful pictures of Winnipeg landmarks, incredible landscape shots from his travel destinations, and astonishing portraits. Once in a while, Mike will also share sponsored posts from his partnerships. And why wouldn’t he? He has worked with renowned brands like Canon, Mercedes Benz and Air Canada, among many others. That said, no matter the partnership, Mike always manages to confidently convey his personality, allowing authenticity to shine through.

Do you have a favourite social media influencer that has a powerful personal brand? Sound off in the comments below.