5 Reasons to Attend RISE

"There's nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise."

Have you heard? Two and a half magical days are coming. From March 7-9th, 2019, we are hosting our first inaugural conference at Ace - say hello to RISE. RISE is one part conference, one part retreat, and all parts magic, hosted at Azuridge Estates. Picture this…a weekend off the grid, nestled in the Foothills, surrounded by incredible women like yourself. Packed with programming intentionally curated with you in mind, RISE provides the space for personal and professional development that will help you level up, regardless of where you are at, or what you are up to.

We know you are a smart, fierce woman who plans ahead, and that this is an event you need to prioritize in your calendar. If you've been to one of our events before, you know we will be bringing our A-game, but just in case you are curious and want to know more, here are five reasons why you need to join the RISE this March (other than the fact that we'd really miss you).  

1. Connect with like-minded women. 

While we fully believe that commitment to yourself is key, connection is a big piece of the puzzle too. You need the right people in your corner, and at RISE, get ready to meet over 100 women who strive to support and empower one another. For those joining us as a VIP, we even have a special “Girls Night In” planned (think grown-up slumber party, but no gossip, just good times).

2. Pop-ups and a marketplace to spark your creativity.

Staying up to date on the latest and greatest could honestly be a full-time gig. So no sweat, at RISE we’re bringing the goods to you. Throughout the weekend you can expect brand activations that are curated for the modern woman looking to live an inspiring and intentional life.

3. Speakers, speakers, speakers.

Hear from speakers who are changing the game in the community. We've been busy filling our speaker roster with the best in the business - for real. We are so excited to announce our first keynote speakers; Danielle Laporte, Devon Brooks, Ashley Callingbull, and Sunny Lenarduzzi just to name a few. You can see our full speaker line-up here.

4. Become empowered to step into your greatness.

With a mix of hands-on workshops, panels, keynotes, and activities throughout, you will walk away bursting with inspiration and actionable ways to incorporate all the tricks and tips into your life. We understand that being inspired is one thing, but you also need the tools necessary to put those words into action.

5. Do something for you.

When you think about your priority list, where do you rank? Be honest. While it’s easy to say you are going to make self-care a priority, it’s something else entirely to actually follow through with it. Make a commitment to yourself and do something for you, even if it’s for the simple fact that you just want to.

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