5 Reasons to Give an Ace Membership This Holiday Season

This past weekend, we turned our calendars over to December and the upcoming holiday season got real AF. While we may have been blasting Mariah Carey for a few weeks now (guilty!) and our Netflix previously watched section is filled with holiday classics, the amount of time left to holiday shop may have creeped on us quicker than a Nick Jonas wedding. And with three weeks left until the most wonderful time of the year, the tried and true questions keep popping up – what should you get mom, the woman who has it all? Or your BFF who has always held your hair back, wiped your tears and popped celebration bottles with you? The holiday shopping struggle is real.


So instead of risking getting a lame gift or seriously stressing all month long, we’ve got the perfect gift for every woman in your life – an Ace Class membership. In case you don’t believe just how magical this gift is, we’ve outlined five reasons why an Ace Class membership will solve all your gift giving woes and help make 2019 a year loved ones will never forget.

1. Community Connection

Here at The Ace Class, we are committed to cultivating connection and community. One of the ways our members reap these rewards is by getting access to our online community group. Here you will find a collective of like-minded and like-hearted women who are all interested in empowering and supporting one another. From talking about events, to inviting one another for coffee dates and gym sweats, you won’t ever fill alone in this group of badass women. Whether your BFF is new to the city, your mom is looking for a mentor or your daughter would love to broaden your network of friends – our collective community will greet them with open arms and make them feel at home.

2. A Library of Tools and Resources to Empower

One of The Ace Class’ guiding pillars is to empower – we want to empower each other to live our best lives. As a result, we offer our members access to our library of tools and resources to help them thrive both personally and professionally. Whether it’s an organizational tracker to help one GSD or words of encouragement to help a babe crush her week, we’ve got their back and everything they need in one convenient and accessible place.

3. Serious savings on events

Whether your BFF is a veteran Babes who Brunch’er or someone who has only been to a handful of events, our membership offers killer discounts for all Ace Class events. With over $500 a year in savings, your loved one’s wallet will be much happier and her heart will be much fuller. Oh and did we mention members get early access to our events too like our don’t-want-to-miss RISE conference taking place in March featuring the incredible Danielle LaPorte as our keynote speaker? If preventing serious FOMO and getting the opportunity to hang with Danielle freaking LaPorte isn’t reason enough to lock in a membership, we don’t know what is.

4. Special VIP experiences and a members-only newsletter

The Ace Class curates special VIP experiences for its members that are fit for even Queen B herself. From gelato making classes, to hikes and beach volleyball sessions, we’ve got a little something, something for every member to enjoy. Plus, all our members automatically get access to our book club, a monthly get-together where members and non-members gather to discuss the hottest reads over treats and wine (obvi!).

To stay connected in between special events, we send out a members-only newsletter, featuring perks, prizes, challenges and intentions to keep you motivated all month long.

5. Perks, perks and some more perks

At The Ace Class, we are lucky to work with the most incredible partners and notable brands across the country. And, because sharing is caring, we give our members serious perks through exclusive offers, contests and discounts. So, when we say memberships are a gift that keep on giving, we truly mean it.

So, if you’re looking to slay gift giving like Beyoncé would this holiday season, consider gifting an Ace Class membership. We promise you won’t have any regrets – other than maybe not buying one for yourself, but we both know there’s a solution to that too (#treatyoself).

Happy holidays, babe!