5 Things to Know About Pre + Post Natal Fitness

You likely already know the importance of exercise — it teaches you how to set goals, reduces stress levels and helps calm a busy mind. Incorporating fitness into your routine is incredibly beneficial, but what happens when you get pregnant and give birth? Workouts naturally change, and you likely start experiencing a whole lot of things that nobody ever said anything about. Now what? The incredible ladies of Barre West are here to fill you in on everything you need to know about pre and post natal fitness.

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1. Pelvic floor awareness is crucial.

Whether or not you've gone through pregnancy, your pelvic floor changes over time. Learning what it is, where it is, and how to keep it strong is incredibly empowering.

2. You're not the only one peeing your pants.

THERE IS NO SHAME IN THIS - we are all going through it. Barre West classes offer a ton of ways to help you improve your pelvic floor and feel more in control of your body.

3. Recovery is on your own terms and timeline. 

Don't rush it. Your body has been through an incredible journey. Nobody is going to force you to workout, it’s not mandatory. Think about why it matters to you and use that as your motivation.

4. Simple modifications exist to help you stay active during and after pregnancy.

Your body craves movement and staying active is incredibly helpful for delivery and post natal recovery, not to mention the wonders it will do for your mental and emotional health. While you may be eager to jump right back into your fitness routine, give yourself some compassion and know that your body is changing, therefore your workout may have to be modified as well.

5. Connecting with community is a huge boost for your mental health.

Find people and places that celebrate the beauty and chaos of motherhood. Barre West offers a weekly Mom + baby class (toddlers welcome) Wednesdays at 1:15pm. 

On April 27th, join Barre West and learn how to maintain your fitness and keep your core and pelvic floor healthy before and after baby. Ace members receive 20% tickets with code ACEMAMA. Sign up here and get ready to break down pregnancy anatomy and equip yourself with functional tools to empower your workouts.

Words by Barre West