5 Ways Getting Fit Will Land You that Promotion

Picture this: you are walking down the hallway doing your best power-walk (the one you’ve always dreamed of doing as if it comes naturally), you walk into the interview room, and HR is sitting waiting for your arrival. You keep your head and chest held high, and maintain eye contact while you make the pitch and ask for the job promotion you have your sights set on. Sound easy? Not always - sometimes it’s hard to just be honest and ask for what you want.

If this is something you struggle with, have you ever considered that exercise could be the missing piece you need to help boost that confidence? Keep reading to learn 5 ways getting fit will help you land that promotion.

5 ways The Ace Class


Think of that person you know who always seems to be hitting the gym regardless of how full their schedule is. The secret? It's not willpower, it's pure discipline. That report you've been putting off writing? Conquered in one sitting. Those cold calls you'd rather not make? Done with ease. Getting to bed and waking up on time? Not a problem!

Discipline has a way of oozing into all areas of your life, but only after you establish it in one part of your life. So suck it up, get a workout in, and reap the rewards everywhere else - I promise you will feel better because of it.  

2. you will have MORE ENERGY

Exercise and energy form a positive cycle with one another. As you add consistent exercise into your life, you will have more energy which means you can accomplish more in the day. Break that negative cycle of 'no energy, no time' and go squeeze in some exercise.

Pro Tip: If you legit feel like you have no time to get a workout in, grab your 0 Minute Workout Game Plan' here, courtesy of Strong & Smart.

3. you will be MORE ASSERTIVE

You may know you are the perfect fit for a job position, but maybe you lack that strong, assertive voice that makes the hiring manager believe you are the perfect fit too. Exercise can help.

Scheduling a workout into your week creates a non-negotiable meeting with yourself. A meeting that you will defend even when someone asks you to break it and go for coffee instead. Your determination for your fitness goals will spill over into the meeting room when you are pitching yourself for that promotion, trust me.

4. you will DEVELOP GRIT

Ever dread working-out because it's hard? You and me both, but here’s the thing. Pushing through something challenging will help you develop grit and perseverance. If you can push through a tough workout, you better believe you can use that same mindset in the workplace. If you can get through piles of work or spring-back after receiving criticism, you will be the one to rise higher and faster than those without grit. 


There are a lot of so-called confidence hacks floating around the inter-webs these days, but exercise is one that is often missing. When you add exercise into your life you have more energy, your body moves easier and without pain, those endorphins are giving you a positive feeling, and your clothes just seem to fit better.

If you are feeling strong and confident in your own skin, advocating for what you want and need in the workplace will be a breeze.

PS: In case you were wondering...that promotion I mentioned I asked for? I got it, now go get yours too.