5 Ways to be More Productive this Week

It’s easy to be busy. You are probably busy right now as you drink your coffee, sift through emails or watch your Monday morning cat video.


Busyness can be addictive. Busy checking emails, busy keeping up with the news, busy preparing for a meeting or planning your workouts this week. Busyness can look like productivity and even feel like productivity, but really it is a killer to getting shit done.

The key difference between productivity and busyness is hard work. Productivity requires clarity, focus, strategic thinking and a solid plan.

Here are five ways that you can be more productive this week:

1. Turn your notifications off.

Go to settings on your phone RIGHT NOW and disable notifications for all social media accounts and apps that are enabling you to reach for your device every 15 minutes. You do not need to know the moment someone likes your photos or even the moment an email lands in your inbox. These little distractions pop up multiple times a day and are getting in the way of you being able to truly focus on the important things.

2. Time Block.

Slot some time in your calendar for things like checking email, following up with a proposal or a great idea that pops into your head ( like booking a vacation or adopting a puppy ). If it isn’t a top priority at this exact moment, schedule a time for it. This will immediately settle your anxiety and allow you to stay focused on your priorities.

3. Make a list.

Take out a piece of paper and write down three things that you want to accomplish by Friday. If you need visibility - write this list on a post-it and slap it on your laptop or create a sticky that sits on your desktop as a constant reminder of your priorities. Three things seem impossible? Consider the impact of getting just three important things done by Friday.

4. Enroll a friend.

Having an accountability buddy is a great tool to keep your goals in check. Maybe as you grab a coffee with a colleague or your significant other today, ask them to join you on your productivity goals and enroll each other in your success.

5. Declutter.

Take a look at your work environment - if your desk is covered in papers and unfinished work, this a breeding ground for anxiety and a serious killer to productivity. Put all of this away, windex your laptop screen and remove the external distractions.

Bonus: Treat yourself. Give yourself a little reward of self-care on Friday afternoon if you crushed your list of three things. AKA bring on the rose!

Let’s crush this week ahead ladies! We know you’re capable.


Words by Mandy Balak