5 Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month

It goes without saying that women’s achievements should be celebrated every day. However, seeing as how March is Women’s History Month, we will happily take the opportunity and 31 days to revel extra hard in the glory of women’s accomplishments throughout history. Let’s face it, women are freakin’ killin’ it and are continuing to do things worth celebrating. Here are 5 ways you can empower yourself and the women around you next month.

Women's History Month

1. Thank a Woman Who Inspires You.

Whether you write a note, a full-blown letter, or send a gift of appreciation, take the time to thank a woman who has inspired you. There is nothing more meaningful than sharing your words and appreciation with someone who has had an impact on your life.

2. Thank Yourself.

February is all about the love, especially self-love, and just because the month is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean the recognition should as well. Take some time to sit down and show gratitude to yourself — celebrate yourself, and truly embrace your own evolution and growth.

3. Listen to a Girl Power Playlist.

What problem can’t be fixed by listening to a female powerhouse anthem? We’re quite partial to Beyoncé, but this playlist has plenty of tracks to get your inner female force groovin’.

4. Play Monopoly.

We know you’re probably wondering why we’re suggesting this, but did you know that Monopoly was invented by a woman? If you’re looking to brush up on other female inventors who shaped our history, check out this article.

5. RISE With Us.

Surround yourself with women from different backgrounds, and empower each other through your stories and your experience. Join us March 7-9th for our first inaugural conference, RISE, where the camaraderie, the support, and the inspiration you will experience will leave you with a feeling nothing short of magic.

Bonus - Kombucha for a Cause.

If you’re in Edmonton or Calgary, True Büch Kombucha is releasing a never before made flavour where a portion of profits will be reinvested into YW to fund women empowerment programs. Follow them on their Instagram account here to find out which locations will be carrying the exclusive blueberry rhubarb flavour for the entire month of March.

What’s your favourite way to celebrate the women in your life?