5 Ways to Connect Your Mind and Body

Your mind and body are not separate moving parts, whatever affects one highly affects the other.

Photo by Barre West

Photo by Barre West

Doing the work to dig deeper into connecting the two is crucial in discovering who you are at your core and how you cope with certain situations. With our Super Soul Saturday event coming up in Calgary on Saturday, August 25th, we asked Adriana Britton from Barre West to share some tidbits on how we can connect the two essences together to live a more full and impactful life.

1. Connect movement to your breath.

Learning to connect movement to your breath actually changes the way your nervous system responds to stress. Instead of jumping straight into fight or flight, your mind and body will have more time to respond gracefully instead of reacting right away. Start to take some deep breaths often and you will notice the difference. 

2. Utilize mindful movements to help with sleep.

Incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day routine to support longer and better sleep patterns because we know you need your beauty rest. Try yoga, meditation, or any other low-impact movements like barre to help you come into a calm state of mind.

3. Incorporate dynamic movements into your day.

Dynamic movement keeps your bones and tissues healthy. Our bodies are strong, resilient and are designed to move, despite about what your brain may be telling you. Consistent exercise keeps our joints mobile and muscles strong. You got this, girl.

4. Work on your posture and expressions.

Standing taller helps build self-confidence and becoming more mindful of your facial expressions can change your mood. Your brain uses your expressions as cues to feel emotions. Smiling can make you feel happier, relaxing your jaw and softening the corners of your eyes can reduce stress. 

5. Build community through movement.

There are so many incredible resources for building community through movement. Whether it’s yoga, fitness or a walk in the park there are no shortage of teachers, places, and groups to encourage your pursuit of wellness. Connection through the community is the best way to show up for yourself and others. Grab a gal pal and get to moving! 


Words by Adriana Britton of Barre West

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