5 Ways to Have a Fulfilling News Years Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve! Okay… If you’re like the majority of people, you don’t totally love New Year’s Eve. The dampened expectations, the loud music, the uncomfortable outfit you told yourself you had to buy, the insanely intense crowds everywhere you go — and the countdown.


We all have to do something on New Year’s Eve. But this year, be more intentional with what you decide to spend your time doing and avoid any disappointment by trying these suggestions:

1. Don’t Set Expectations

Each year, we believe that New Year’s is going to be better. THIS will be the year where you won’t wait three hours for a cab or an Uber. THIS will be the year where you don’t cry. THIS will be the year where you will be present and enjoy the moment. Here’s a tip: pretend it’s not New Year’s Eve. If you don’t build up expectations in your head, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself. Treat it like any other night, and at the very least, you won’t be disappointed.


2. Don’t Go Out  

Really. The best way to avoid this entire letdown is by staying at home. Put a on pair of sweatpants, get cozy on your couch with a blanket, some candles and maybe a glass of wine, and watch movies — either alone or with your friends. There’s no pressure to make the night special and extraordinary. Likely, you will enjoy this time spent more than going out.


3. Spend it with the right people

On New Year’s Eve, you tend to think about how this night will affect your year going forward. Do you want to start 2019 with people you don’t know after you’ve lost your girlfriends at the bar? Think about the people who were important to you over the past year, and who you want to make time for in the future. Those are the people you should be spending your night with.


4. Get introspective

Introspection and self-reflection is a critical part of growing into a better version of you. But don’t get down. Be kind to yourself: if you made mistakes (which you did — we all do), be proud of yourself. The more mistakes made, the more you learned about yourself and what you need to do next year. The whole point is to not be disappointed. So instead, think of everything you accomplished – even if it seems small. Truthfully, many of the “small” accomplishments could surprise you by manifesting into a big part of your life in the New Year.


5. Don’t make a new year’s resolution

People stress for weeks before New Year’s Eve trying to come up with an attainable yet life-changing New Year’s resolution. Why don’t you try not setting one this year? Simply attempt to be a better version of yourself. Just because the calendar year changes, doesn’t mean you must become categorically different. If this kind of thing gives you anxiety, try to avoid goal setting around this time of year.

Bonus: You don’t have to stay up until midnight

Let’s get real – how nice is it to fall asleep before midnight? The older you get, the harder it is to stay up. Trying to stay awake, or stay at the party until the countdown is a waste of your time. Think about every countdown celebration you’ve been part of. Did it actually matter that it was 12:00 on the minute? If you do like the celebration, you can always do it earlier. Sticking to a regimented schedule can take the fun out of your night. And how bad does it feel when you’re in the bathroom or lose your friends during the countdown? Avoid that and do what you want!


Whatever you plan on doing this year, whether it’s going out or taking it easy, be present and enjoy the moment – and do what YOU want to do.