5 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

The way you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Do you think Beyoncé snoozes her alarm? No, we didn't think so.


If you think your morning routine needs a little work or if you need a gentle reminder on how to make the most of them, we've put together five ways to improve them here:

Ditch the snooze button.

Like seriously, forget it even exists. We know we are all guilty of this. Although a 10-minute power snooze before you get up for the day can feel worth it in the moment, it's actually counterproductive to your health. It messes with your circadian rhythm, causing you to feel groggy and disoriented and is hard to shake throughout the morning—aka the ultimate productivity killer... And none of us have time for that.

Eat breakfast.

We know this is cliche but we had to mention it. It's so imperative to sit down and enjoy a healthy breakfast before you get to your hustle. After all, it's the fuel to ignite your fierceness and ideas for the day. No, breakfast in the car does not count.

Get moving.

This doesn't have to be intense. It can be as simple as walking, stretching, deep breathing, anything to kick-start your metabolism. Oh, and don't forget to hydrate when doing so.

Start with a to-do list.

Plan your day. *Cue all the cute stationary pieces. Visualizing your day is so helpful in boosting your productivity. Jumping straight into tasks is never as effective as it seems—take time to strategize your plan of action and slot in time blocks to complete your tasks. Don't forget to put some self-love time in there too!

Make your bed.

This simple task can be more rewarding than you think. The art of making your bed stimulates your brain into thinking you have already completed a task for the day, kickstarting your productivity early on. It also looks damn good when your bed is all tidy.

Now, go get 'em, girl.


Words by Kayla Pearcey