5 Ways to Minimize Your Summer Beauty Routine

The summer is on, mimosas are flowing and patio weather is here. Whether you’re in an office or not we all look for ways to minimize our summer beauty routines so that we can get just a few more minutes outside. It’s a busy time of the year, so let's save a few precious summer minutes where we can.


My top ways to minimize a summer beauty routine involve a lot of multi-use products, and ways to look naturally the best that you can. Let’s enhance that tiny bit of summer glow we were able to achieve, yes?

1. Apply a fantastic BB Cream or light cover foundation WITH sunscreen

In my opinion, the less layers the better but girl, don’t skip sunscreen! I have a few products in this area that I switch between depending on the price point, occasion, coverage and length of time I want these babies to stay on!

a.) Maybelline Dream Fresh B.B. Cream - comes in shades from light to dark (Superstore $10.99)

This stuff is awesome because it’s a SPF 30 product that gives just enough coverage and doesn’t look cakey at all. Plus it is great for combo-dry and sensitive skin types!

b.) Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance SPF 50 (Sephora $49)

This guy is your on-the-go and carry in your purse lifesaver for touching up. With a smart packaging concept it comes with everything you’ll need to apply (with a 50SPF point) all day if you’re planning to be out in the sun a lot. Try not to powder over this until you need to, but it’s a wonderful alternative to many cakey looking SPF powder makeup. The price may seem steep, but it comes with a refill, so you’re actually getting double for your money, which to me was worth it.

2. Invest in a brow product that will stay on through sweat and a good water-resistant mascara

Brows and lashes are so important for helping frame the face and are a great way to look done up without having to do a full face. No one wants their eyebrows to come off half way through the day, and smeared mascara isn’t cute. Enough said. Here’s some killer products that will help you keep those essentials looking good.

a.) Maybelline Tattoo Studio Waterproof Eyebrow Gel (Superstore $12-15)

This stuff really works and is a great, affordable alternative to many brow products on the market with comparable wearability but I do not love the applicator. The trick to this is to use a angled brush directly with the product to get a more natural look, or to put it on, and then use a spooly to get in there and feather it out so it’s not harsh (no comma eyebrows ladies).

b.) Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Sephora $23) OR ABH Brow Wiz (Sephora $27)

This is one of my favourite products to use all year round because you totally have the ability to choose how natural or defined you want your brows to be! Use an angled brow brush to apply light strokes to just fill in the brows (don’t need to go too heavy in the summer) and use a spooly to run through your brows after to soften any lines. This stuff is amazing with a large colour range and will outlive those hot summer nights.

c.) Marcelle Ultimate Mascara (Superstore $10.99)

This is a great, basic mascara. It’ll fill out your lashes, lengthen and volumize without flaking throughout the day and is perfect for sensitive eyes. It’s not specifically water resistant, but it’ll get through the sweat looking good as long as you don’t rub your eyes.

d.) L’Oreal Lash Paradise waterproof mascara (Superstore $9.99)

This mascara is top notch at getting those big, doll lashes with limited work. It is going to stay on your lashes, so get yourself a good waterproof makeup remover (or a good micellar solution) so that you don’t tug at your lashes when you take this off. It’ll stand up to a pool party or sweaty goat yoga session any day.

3. Add some glow with a bronzer amd highlighter

Get the most out of your summer glow with a little help from your bronzer. A subtle hit of this close to the outside of your face and the areas that the sun naturally hits will give you a subtle summer glow even if you’re stuck in the office. Here’s a couple of my favourites:

a.) Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer in light or medium (Superstore $19.99)

This stuff works just as amazing as it smells, and leaves a very natural looking tan!

b.) Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop, Vanilla Quartz, Opal, or Moonstone (Sephora $46)

This is the perfect multi use product. I have come to ride the highlighter train daily, and love having a glowy skin look even on my little to no makeup days! Becca does their highlighters just right without being too sparkly, and giving a great selection of highlighters that work for every skin tone. For the very fair girls I would highly recommend Vanilla Quartz. I use these highlighters on my cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and end of my nose for subtle highlighting, but also use this on my lips with a touch of lip balm or gloss, and on my eyes as a simple eyeshadow (Get the most out of your products).

4. Utilize a good sunless tanner

Okay so maybe you didn’t get as much time in the sun as you were hoping you might or maybe you got some really weird tan lines. Don’t worry, sunless tanner to the rescue. There are some really great ones out there that don’t have to stain your hands, sheets or turn you orange. Even for us fair girls (hell ya embrace the natural, but also a little help for the legs is not a bad thing). Here’s my top faves:

a.) Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer for Body, Fair to Medium Skin Tones or Jergens Natural Glow + Nourish Daily Moisturizer (Shoppers Drug Mart $9.99-13.99)

I have learned some tricks that make these so much easier to apply. One, use gloves (no stained hands or nails). Two, exfoliate before with a great scrub (my favourite is just old coffee grounds, coconut oil, and sugar) on the tough areas - think knees and shoulders hands and toes, and also your elbows and follow up with lotion on those areas so they don’t get as dark.

b.) ST. TROPEZ TANNING ESSENTIALS Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse /   ST. TROPEZ TANNING ESSENTIALS Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist (Sephora $54 / Sephora $39)

Clear tanner is magical. No stained sheets, still a funny smell that comes with the chemical staining the top layer of your skin, but generally much less offensive than most sunless tanners! I love using this stuff on my legs, bum and belly (essentially the areas that see much less sun). It’s hard to overdo it so you’re able to build up some colour, and you can apply it at the start of the day if you’re not one to sleep with tanner on! You still need to watch out for the streaky lines where your skin touches or if it gets wet, but it is considerably less than other sunless tanners. I would still recommend using a glove to apply.

5. Make eau natural look good with the right hair products

Okay, so I’ve got thin, limp, straight hair when it dries naturally so I take the help where I can get it. I love some mixed products and have found two sea salt sprays that work for me. I tend to spray them in to hold a hairstyle (buns or braids make for great texture and volume after). If you can find the right curl enhancing the product or a style that is easy and saves your hair some heat, work it to its full potential.

a.) John Frieda Beach Blonde Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray (Shoppers $12)

I like how easy this stuff is to use. Usually, I do a quick spritz before and after styling, and it gives a little bit of texture to the hair and has a lovely smell without making my hair feel dry or gross. I pair this with a silkening lotion close to the ends after I’ve taken it out of braids.

b.) Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray (Find at a salon near you $36)

This stuff is awesome. It smells like a pina colada but not in a too sugary sweet or overwhelming way. It creates the perfect amount of hold and grit that I usually use this to hold my curls or waves in the summer instead of hairspray! This is great on the hair and worth the bit more of a price point.

BONUS: Okay I wasn’t done. I also wanted to share my favourite skin mask with you for the summer because with all of the time we spend either outside or with circulated air in the office, our skin needs a little love! Pura Botanicals is owned and operated by Lane Edwards and her team out of Edmonton. Not only do they make the products right in the shop where you can visit (during specific hours) but they’re amazing for the skin and use only good for you ingredients. I would highly recommend any of the trio of overnight masks that they have! My favourite for dry skin is the original Overnight Watermelon Mask (smells like a popsicle), but the Overnight Mango Mask, and Overnight Garden Mask are excellent for all skin types and concerns!

(Overnight Watermelon Mask / Overnight Mango Mask / Overnight Garden Mask / trio $68-78)


Words by Kassie Harvey (@TallWhiteLatte)