5 Ways to Reset and Recharge

They say, “Take care of yourself first,” but how many of us actually make self-care a priority?

While lack of self-care can cause symptoms related to stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression, and also cause uncontrollable cravings and extremely low levels of energy, it is difficult to carve out the time one needs to refuel and reset – especially when faced with a never ending to do list.

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To create balance in your schedule and daily life, here are five simple ways to reset and recharge, and get more self-care this week.


Set that alarm 10-15 minutes earlier so you can sneak in some self-care and start your day off with ease. Stretch, meditate, breathe, journal, or if you are feeling extra ambitious, get out for a walk in nature and really wake up your mind and body.


What is important for you to bring to your day? Is it flow? High energy? Patience? Fun? Focus? Whatever intention you set for the day, take the time to recognize it for yourself, and allow yourself the opportunity to envision it leading your day.


Throughout the day, block off five minute self-care check-ins, and allow yourself to pause and ask yourself if you need anything. Hydration, a quick stretch break, or some deep breaths can help you stay grounded, and create a day of peace and flow.


Schedule some time in the morning or evening for you to specifically focus on de-stressing, unwinding, and connecting with you. This is time spent connecting with yourself to create calmness, peace, happiness and energy. Choose things that support your happiness like a warm bath, your favourite cup of tea and a book, or link in with a friend. This time is meant to be sacred to support your health.


Find a balance of saying yes to yourself, and no to others. If you are a people pleaser, or feel guilty saying no, step out of your comfort zone and practice saying no to things that you really don’t want to do. Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself, “What is it costing me to say yes to everyone else, and no to myself?” It can be difficult to show up for others if you haven’t given to yourself, so give to yourself first! Try saying a little pep-talk to remind yourself of how important this is. Not sure what to say? Try, “It’s safe to take time for myself,” or, “Me time supports my health,” or, “Taking time for myself is a healthy part of balance.” After all, balance is key!

These self-care tips will support you to feel more calm and more energized, allowing you to navigate your day in a way that works best for YOU. The more grounded you feel, the better choices you will make in supporting your health and achieving your goals.