5 Ways To Stop Letting Fear Control Your Happiness

Fear has a function: it provides an opportunity for growth. When it pops up in your life, you may feel like you want to run the other way, but what if you started to choose courage instead of living a fear-based life? You may be thinking, “easier said than done,” so to help, we put together 5 ways you can stop letting fear control your happiness. We think it’s worth a shot, because the real fear would be living a life where you’ve settled on what you really wanted.


1. don’t hide behind Excuses 

“I’m too busy. I have a family. It’s easier to stay where I am.” Excuses are safe, they are comforting, and they are not doing you any good. If you haven’t started yet because you are waiting for that perfect moment, we are sorry to say that you may be waiting forever. Get out of your head and start moving girl, you’ve got this. The first step is always the hardest, but once you’re halfway through that marathon, you’ve got a pace going and you’re not even thinking about how hard it was to get started.

2. Know That Failing Doesn’t Make You a Failure

You are going to get some bumps and bruises in the process of creating the life you have always wanted. Failing is inevitable, and although it may sting a little to know that things didn’t pan out the way you had hoped, it doesn’t mean that you should close up shop on your ideas. Use those hard-to-accept moments as lessons to adjust your strategy, and know that you now have greater insight on how to approach a problem. 

3. Celebrate Your Strengths

Raving about your strengths and successes may not come naturally (if you have no problem doing this, kudos to you my friend and please tell us your ways). While we are often quick to notice areas of growth and opportunity within ourselves, it’s equally as important to know what makes us special. Try this: write your strengths down on a piece of paper, read them over and over, and feel that fear slip away - you are more than capable and deserve to have it all. 

4. Know that You’ll Get Through It

Life is tough, but we're going to be blunt; anything short of death itself is literally not the end of the world. You will manage. You will get through it. Most of the time, things aren't as bad as you feared, and if it is in the moment, it won't be later on. 

5. Ask Yourself This One Question

Ask yourself, “If I don’t do this in 5 or 10 years time, will I regret it?” If you answer yes, then just do the damn thing! Use your fear of ending up in an unhappy situation to drive you forward and move towards your dream life.