5 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall

Falling leaves, pumpkin spice and everything nice. This is what fall dreams are made of — that and fall fashion of course. Get ready for those cozy vibes with these five tips on how to seamlessly transition your closet from summer to fall.


1. Go through your closet

Pull out all the cozy stops, get your chunky knit sweaters and wool coats ready. Find out what you already have in your seasonal stash and create a list of items that may need an update. Do some good while you’re at it and donate clothes you no longer wear to a local women’s organization. A good guide to knowing when and what to donate is if you find yourself planning to wear something but never end up doing it… it’s ready to pass that item along to someone else.

Pro tip: Take some old fall items to the dry cleaners to freshen them up and create the illusion that they’re new.

2. Gain inspiration

What catches your eye on the gram? Do you have a Pinterest board fired up with fall looks? Get those out and correspond it with your list above. It's time to add some pieces to your wardrobe. Set a budget and stick to what you need to subtly freshen up your look this season.

Pro tip: Add three to five new staple pieces that fit into your current wardrobe. That doesn't mean if you find something trendy you absolutely love, you shouldn’t go for it. All we're suggesting is that you be strategic in your choosings. Play with new fall colours, patterns, silhouettes, you name it. Fashion’s supposed to be fun after all.

3. Slowly integrate fall pieces

Don’t toss away your summer pieces just yet, they still have some life in them before the snow hits. Subtly transition by working in knit cardigans, scarves, vests, leather jackets, etc. to layer on top of your favourite summer staples. Your dresses, jumpers and rompers look just as cute paired with a light jacket and booties as they do with sandals and a floppy hat.

4. Master the art of layering

Fall can be so up and down sometimes. On your commute to work, you bundle up to fight the chill in the air, and by mid-afternoon you wish you had worn something a bit lighter. The answer lies in the layers. Start off with a basic tank, add a blouse, throw on a chunky knit, and top it off with a jacket and a chunky scarf, you’ll be ready for anything the unpredictable weather throws at you. Be creative with layering, add a slip dress on top of a basic tee, add a collared shirt underneath a light sweater, or throw a blazer over a light shirt.

5. Play with accessories

Try out a new pair of pointy toe booties, a floppy felt hat, a waist belt to add some dimensions or drape a chunky blanket scarf over your ensemble. You can also add a faux fur vest to the mix to add an element of slick chicness. It's all about being cozy so play around with it. We love throwing on classic booties with a chunky heel to pull together any outfit.