5 Ways to Wake Up at 5 AM (and Stay Up)

Being part of the 5am club may not sound enticing to the 7am alarm setters but, after following this routine and having a cup of coffee to get you going, you will quickly be obsessed with your ability to be kick-ass at slaying your day. Waking up early means you will have the chance to take time for yourself and get a head start on crushing your daily to-do list.


1. Get to bed early

This is obvious and so vital. You will hate your life when your alarm goes off at 5am unless you turn off Netflix and tuck away your phone around 9pm. Try to eliminate screen time at least 30 minutes before lights out to give your brain time to unwind. That’s right, you’ll have to set a designated bedtime.

2. Put your alarm in a separate room

To all of the serial snoozers out there, it’s time to get up to turn off your alarm. This simple tip will get you moving out of bed and take away the chance for you to roll over, hit snooze, and snore some more.

3. Wash your face with cold water

After turning off your alarm, instead of giving into the magnetic pull to slip back into bed, wake your body up by splashing your face with cold water or take a cold shower.

4. Play an upbeat song and get moving

Even before pouring your first cup, or while you are drying off from your cool splash, get your energy level pumping by dancing to a lively feel-good song. If early morning exercise isn’t your thing, this is a great alternative.

5. Give yourself a reason to wake up early

Whether you want to spend an hour reading while sipping your morning coffee, or you want to get ahead on your side hustle work for the day, think about why you are waking up early before falling asleep. Take a minute to jot down your to-do list for the next day and get excited about what you will do with your extra, tranquil morning hours.

here’s a bonus...

6. Minimize your decision making

The less you have to think about the little things in the morning - like what you will bring for lunch and what to wear - the clearer your mind will be to focus on what you want to do. Take a few extra minutes before bed to do the small stuff - set your coffee machine, lay out your outfit, pack your bag with your daily essentials, and have your lunch prepped and ready to grab and go for the day ahead.