5 Ways Your Marketing can Create Good

One of the first things you come to know as an entrepreneur is that consumers value transparency and honesty. So why, when it comes to our charitable deeds, do we as business owners suddenly clam up and stop sharing what we are involved with?

The fear of appearing as though we do good things for attention is usually the reason for this. Talking about a donation or volunteering opportunity could come across as pretentious, and you are not the kind to donate as a publicity stunt. You did it because you actually give a crap! You know that, and you would never want your following to think otherwise, so you keep it off your Instagram.

marketing that gives back

However, there is one issue with this...

If we don’t talk about the good we are doing in business, then no one is going to be talking about it. How can we raise the bar for other businesses in our community, educate our consumers, and draw more donations into the organizations we are passionate about, if we aren’t leveraging our platform to create more good than we can possibly make individually?

We can’t.

It’s time to allow your donation to inspire others and actually tell people about what gets you out of bed in the morning. Let them know what makes your business so extra special and how you are shaping the community, environment, or world! For the sake of all businesses everywhere, we need to know about it. We encourage you to sit down with your marketing plan and your deepest passions, and ask yourself how you can do a little more of the following:

1. Be genuine.

Making sure that your business’ impact is aligned with your values as a human will ensure that the causes you support and promote comes from somewhere genuine and heartfelt. This is the difference between sharing your passion and coming off as preachy. Be approachable and let your tone attract who it is meant to.

2. Connect with your dream client.

Once you truly connect your personal values to your business values, your clients will start finding you. They will be drawn to not only your product or service, but the higher mission that you serve, because it is something they value too. As people come to understand just how many options they have available to them, they are spending their money in more strategic places. Your consumer will share your values and form strong loyalties to your brand ONLY if they know what those values are, so talk about it! Let your clients know so they can make the choice to support what you do.

3. Leverage your platform.

So now you have found your community and their loyalty is deeply rooted in something bigger than what you sell. As your following grows, so does your level of responsibility to them. What type of messages are you going to share with them? Whether you have 200 or 200,000 followers, it is important to consider the value of your content, and the type of dialogue you want to inspire in this digital world.

4. Inspire others.

Building a sense of community isn’t just for your consumers. Align yourself with other businesses that share your belief in social good and lean on each other on this journey. Share strategies and learn what works and what doesn’t from business owners that are navigating the very same waters as you. Creating this environment between businesses will not only help those already making social changes, but it will certainly inspire other businesses to step up their game and get in on the good. Imagine realizing that your biggest competition donates their services or products to a wonderful local organization. The obvious and most common response is, “If they can do it, so can I!” Now the good you created in one moment is bigger than you could have ever predicted. The ripple effect can, and will shape the businesses of tomorrow if we let it.

5. Market responsibly.

There is nothing like the masses watching your every move to make sure you are making good decisions. Did that sound as daunting as it feels? GOOD. As a business owner, every decision you make affects the world we live in. Who you hire, how you hire, what you pay, where you source materials, the waste you leave behind… IT ALL MATTERS. And we don’t think that there is anything wrong with having a following that keeps us accountable. Think deeply about the decisions you make as a business owner. We won’t get it right every time, but we absolutely need to start.

Your business, your marketing, your rules. Now, get out there and inspire a little more good!