9 Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Summer is the perfect season to hunker down and finally start crossing some of those books off your list. Whether you’re looking for a light read to escape into or you want to dive into an inspirational read, we’ve curated a list of the books that need to be on your radar this Summer.

summer reading list

1. Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis 

The time is now to stop talking yourself out of your dreams—Rachel Hollis identifies the excuses to let go of, the behaviours to adopt, and the skills to acquire on the path to growth, confidence, and believing in yourself.

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2. Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu

An inspirational and insightful guide for women who want to have it all by doing less. Tiffany is a renowned voice in the women’s leadership movement and digs into how we can cultivate the one skill needed in order to thrive: the ability to let go.

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3. BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert

A book that encourages you to tap into your inner creative when that spark of inspiration hits. We dare you to read this and not feel inspired to be more brave, free and curious.

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4. Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

A humorous and light read by stand-up comedian, actress and honesty bomb queen, Amy Schumer. Not afraid to share the experiences that have shaped her into the woman she is today, Amy has written a relatable and laugh out loud collection of personal stories that you will be sad are done once you turn that last page.

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5. Fear Is My Homeboy: How to Slay Doubt, Boss Up, and Succeed on Your Own Terms by Judi Holler

We’re all filled with so much toxic self-doubt and it’s time to shut that shit down. Holler focuses on providing actionable advice that will help you take a step in the right direction and stop letting fear boss you around.

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6. 200 Women: Who Will Change The Way You See The World by Geoff Blackwell

The same 5 questions were asked to — you guessed it — 200 women. Coming from various with responses ranging from uplifting to heartbreaking, not a single interview can be considered boring. 

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7. Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come: One Introvert’s Year of Saying Yes by Jessica Pan

Books written from an introverted perspective are hard to come by. Jessica manages to do so in a way that is relatable, hilarious, and still inspires you (introvert or not) to step out of your comfort zone. 

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8. The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates

Not only does Melinda share the lessons she’s learned from the inspiring connections she’s made while travelling the world, but she backs up the issues that need our attention with startling data. She shows us the power of connecting with one another. 

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9. The Solo Female Travel Book: Tips and Inspiration for Women Who Want to See the World on Their Own Terms by Jen Ruiz

This lawyer-turned-bestselling-author shares her tips and inspiration (along with some funny personal stories for good measure) to help other women from holding back and see the world safely and confidently. Half guide, half memoir, this one is a must-read for any aspiring female adventurers.

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PS: If you tend to purchase your books through Amazon, don’t forget that Prime Day (which is 2 days this year, woohoo!) is just around the corner on July 15 and 16, so you better start saving some of these to your wish list!

We love your recommendations, what are you reading this season?