A Guide for What to Wear to RISE

We are officially one week out from RISE — has the excitement kicked in!? As you prep for the weekend ahead, the last thing we want you to worry about is what to wear. While “smart casual” comes to mind, dress codes tend to be ambiguous (looking at you “beach formal”). One thing is for sure, we promise you will be amongst your people at RISE, so whatever makes you feel your best, wear that. This is your excuse to rock that fierce outfit you’ve been waiting to take off the hanger, for that power suit that makes you feel like Queen Bee herself, or if you feel best in a black hoodie and sneakers, we’re down for that too.  

If you’re looking for some guidance, or need some inspiration to add to your Pinterest board, we’ve got you. Keep reading for five fool-proof outfit formulas that will help you get that #OOTD locked and loaded. 

statement jackets

A Statement Jacket

There really is nothing better than the hero piece of fashion: a statement jacket. Whether you go bold with a gingham printed blazer, bad ass in your favourite leather jacket, or comfy in that perfectly worn-in jean jacket, an eye-catching topper is always a good choice.

What to Wear to RISE-02.png

Dress up Your Jeans

Another safe bet? Rock your favourite pair of jeans with a top that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Need some ideas? A crisp button-down will never lead you astray, balance a lady-like blouse with boyish brogues, or throw on a statement sweatshirt for something extra cozy, but cool.

What to Wear to RISE-03.png

Turtlenecks are Cool (we said it)

There’s something about a turtleneck that just oozes sophistication, plus the neck-warming layer works well for Alberta temperatures. Tuck a fitted turtleneck into a midi skirt with tall boots, or embrace a printed, or wide-leg pair of trousers for a polished look.

What to Wear to RISE-04.png

Statement Shoes

We know some women have a Carrie-Bradshaw-level obsession with footwear, and we are all for it. Just make sure that whether you’re packing snakeskin ankle booties, over-the-knee boots, or your favourite pair of voguish shoes, that you can survive a full day in them. There will be some walking between buildings, so leave those grass-piercing stilettos at home.

What to Wear to RISE-05.png

Street Casual

There’s no denying that athleisure has become an integral part of most wardrobes. Who doesn’t want to wear pieces that are effortless and comfortable enough for your morning yoga session, yet stylish enough for brunch with your friends? Comfy sneakers, an oversized blush-pink hoodie, or a sherpa half-zip are all good in our books.

If you were feeling stuck on what to wear, we hope this helped you get some ideas flowing. Use this as a jump off point, but at the end of the day, rock whatever you feel best in — anything goes. Let your personal style shine through, we know you’re going to bring it. 

Feel free to keep it a secret, but we want to know: what are you wearing to RISE?

Words by Courtney Brown