A Mid-Summer Long Table Dinner with Karina Birch

"Step boldly into conversations — this leads to a rich life." — KARINA BIRCH, ROCKY MOUNTAIN SOAP CO.


You’ve likely walked by or have shopped in their beautiful shops, but have you ever wondered who was behind this Canadian self-care empire? Now you have the chance. We’re joining forces with Poppy Barley to bring you an unforgettable evening in the garden featuring the CEO of Rocky Mountain Soap Co. on August 7th for our Long Table experience.


Last year we heard the story of Kendall Barber, co-founder of Poppy Barley. This time we’re bringing Kendall back to facilitate an intimate and real conversation with Karina Birch of Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Karina will lead with a solo talk to share her story followed by a fireside chat with Kendall.

A woman with bold ambitions through and through, Karina and her husband nurtured the company from its small beginnings and have grown the original single shop in Canmore to 13 retail stores across Canada. Rocky Mountain Soap has been recognized for many accolades, including being featured in the Profit 100 and Alberta Ventures ‘Fastest Growing Companies' and Karina has been honoured as a female entrepreneur on the ‘W100’ list.

Get to know the driving force behind the rapidly growing company — why she gave up on the idea of balance, how she switches it up to prevent things from becoming stagnant, and why it's important to let it all go and trust in new possibilities. We promise Karina’s story will be sure to inspire an inner rising in each and every one of our attendees no matter where you are at in your journey. Are you ready to hear from a female leader who pioneered natural in the bath and beauty industry? Grab your tickets below.