Three Simple Ways to Build Stronger Friendships

We all want to have an Oprah and Gayle kind of friendship – the type of bond that can go through life’s dark corners and celebrate the hell out of the brightest times. As adults, you might notice it seems harder to build close, genuine connections in our busy daily lives.

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It’s true – friendships take time to build, and it takes effort to go from work buddy to BFF status, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating to try to deepen your connections. It’s as simple as doing the things you once used to when you were a kid in school. 

1. Invite Them to do Informal Things with You.

All too often, we turn a meeting with friends into a planned event. Yes, we all lead busy lives, but it doesn’t hurt to randomly ask a friend the day of (or even the day before) to join you to go to the gym, make dinner at your place, or carpool for grocery shopping. It will mix up your daily grind, give you some company, and more time to find out each other’s quirks and build rapport. What’s shocking is how surprised they will be to be invited out on a whim, and will likely be more enticed to give it a go.

2. Initiate Meaningful Conversations.

Back in junior high, we had no problem playing games like Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare, which helped you gain insight about the people you wanted to get to know. Even though our minds at that age might have been in different places, you can channel that inner curiosity and ask questions to encourage meaningful conversations to strengthen your friendships. Need help? The School of Life has a deck of 100 great questions that you can buy to get you started on developing deeper conversations. 

3. Call Them.

We are in the age of shooting out texts, Insta messages and GIFs more than we actually use our phones to call our friends. A simple impromptu phone call is a great way to build a stronger connection and let a friend feel thought of.