Celebrating Gratitude and Spreading Kindness with Paris Jewellers

We’ve all heard the saying, “Start each day with a grateful heart,” but it’s easier said than done. Too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the week, bogged down by the to-do lists of the day and swept up in feelings of stress, exhaustion and guilt that cloud our thoughts and make us forget just how lucky we are.


From living in a country that allows us many freedoms, to having the support and love of friends and family, to having a safe landing space that we can call home, there are endless things we should be grateful for.

Recognizing that gratitude is a mindful practice that should be exercised daily – and not just acknowledged half-heartedly pre-turkey dinner at Thanksgiving gatherings – Alberta-based Paris Jewellers created its pay-it-forward program featuring the specially-designed Gratitude necklace.

The stainless-steel, four-sided bar pendant is engraved with the words “courage,” “kindness,” “gratitude,” and “today is a gift” – what Paris Jewellers believes are the four pillars of positive change.


These pillars are particularly special to the company’s co-owners and sisters, Chau and Trang, as they moved to Canada from Vietnam with their parents when they were young with very little. While making the international move was no easy decision, the ambitious family was determined to build a better life by taking every opportunity they got with grace and gratitude. After years of hard work, Paris Jewellers was born – a company dedicated to celebrating every moment with its customers through its customer-centric focus, high-quality products and sincere and humble approach.

"Even though we had very little growing up, it never felt that way. We were taught to be grateful for our family, our home, and everything we had. Learning to see everything with this attitude of gratitude, made all that we had more than enough,” says Trang, Paris Jewellers co-owner.

Beyond the deep meaning the necklace holds, it also serves a much bigger purpose. Paris Jewellers is donating all proceeds from the sale of the gratitude necklace to women’s charities across Canada. Additionally, for every gratitude necklace sold a necklace will also be donated, allowing women who might not receive a piece of jewellery this holiday season, or for years to come, the chance to wear something special.

Retailing at only $34.99, the gratitude necklace provides an affordable gift-giving option for those looking to celebrate loved ones this holiday season, while also making a difference in their own community. If that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is. Plus, the necklace’s simple design and sleek look make it easy to pair with jeans and a blouse for brunch with the girls or with a cocktail dress for your upcoming holiday party.

Originally launched with smashing success earlier this year, Paris Jewellers kicked off the second installment of the program on Friday and it is running until November 18th.

Past supported charities have included:

  • WINS in Calgary

  • WIN House, The Today Centre and Suit Yourself in Edmonton

  • Saskatoon Interval House in Saskatoon

Next time you find yourself experiencing serious road rage or negative thoughts start flooding your mind – remember you have a lot to be grateful for. As Paris Jewellers co-owner says, “Gratitude is the birthplace of kindness, empathy, of courage and it truly changes the lens in which you see the world.”

We couldn’t agree more.

This article was sponsored by Paris Jewellers.