Four Benefits to Cultivating a Variety of Friends

It’s easy to stick with your life-long group of friends, or your work tribe, but making the effort to get to know people from different walks of life, in different careers, or of different ages and cultures, can bring out a better version of you. Here are four reasons why broadening your friend group is worth it.

variety of friends

1. You Become More Open-Minded.

The more people you take the time to get to know, the more you will uncover about their cultures, careers, views, choices, and passions. Listening to their perspectives that may or may not be in line with yours, and hearing their values, will make you more accepting and open to understanding who they are. The more people you take the time to get to know, the more you learn to discover, and have a new appreciation for people doing things out of your norm. 

2. It Teaches You Acceptance.

Having friends outside of your culture, career field, and/or age group helps you gather a new perspective and a deeper understanding of others. It allows you to be more empathetic when working with others that you may encounter from different careers or age groups, and lets you connect because of your familiarity to some aspects of those groupings. It can also set you up for success when encountering challenges or unexpected life circumstances, as you have someone in your diverse group to reach out to for advice and support.

3. You Can Build More Connections Everywhere You Go.

By having a deeper connection to a variety of people, it’s easier to meet new people as you’ll undoubtedly encounter others that are similar to someone you already know. This makes you more relatable because you are easily able to show interest in the people you meet by going beyond the surface. This allows you to showcase your depth, and develop more meaningful, long-lasting connections.

4. It Makes You More Well-Rounded.

Being curious and building connections with people from all walks of life is the greatest way to make yourself more well-rounded. You’ll learn about aspects of cultures, industries, and elements of aging that no book can teach you.