Learning How to Put Yourself First with Mallory Chapman

Because self-care should be more than just a buzzword.

Danielle LaPorte has said, “Self-care is a divine responsibility,” – and this is what fuels The Ace Class’ Master Class Emotional Resiliency series.

Whether you are a new mom, an entrepreneur, a working professional or a student – learning how to make yourself a priority can seem like an unattainable task. But, when you are running on an empty tank, it’s impossible to give more to others and your work – and more importantly, the best version of yourself.

But with one study highlighting that 44% of workers reported experiencing feelings or symptoms burnout and one in five Canadians personally experiencing a mental health problem or illness, the time to invest in oneself has never been more critical.


Enter The Ace Class’ Master Coach Mallory Chapman. Mallory is a personal coach who has experienced it all before and knows firsthand what it’s like to be stuck – and how hard it can be to dig yourself out. However, she quickly realized you don’t need to go it alone.  

Coach Mallory Chapman will lead you through a 90-day program that integrates self-care and making yourself a priority, so that you can make your business, work and various life roles a priority, effectively – avoiding burnout, stress and mental illness. Covering topics centred around a theme of emotional management, this program integrates health, wellness and mindfulness. By addressing the areas of your life that can often be neglected, you will develop the emotional resilience necessary to show up in all areas of your life.

By working with Mallory, you’ll quickly realize you have someone in your corner who will listen, empathize and ask you the right questions. But importantly, she will push you, educate you and help you develop a plan that holds yourself accountable to you, allowing you to fully blossom and tap into your endless potential.

Chances are one of your New Year’s resolutions includes bettering yourself and making time to take care of you. Rather than making 2019 another year this quickly gets shoved to the back burner, consider carving out the space you need to thrive in all aspects of your life.

After completing this course, you will leave with the tools to create successful and sustainable self-care habits, which will quickly become embedded in your daily regime so you are able to conquer any challenge that comes your way with strength, grace and resilience.

To learn more about The Ace Master Class or to sign up, head here.