Meet our Master Class Coaches: Kimberley McAdams

Kimberley is no stranger to cultivating heart-led leadership in organizations and instilling confidence in what’s next within teams. With an impressive portfolio including Cactus Club Café, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, Starwood Properties, and Lululemon, she has travelled all over North America developing purpose driven leaders and organizations ranging in size from 1-500 people. Kimberley is the key to unlock the infinite brilliance, wisdom and power within all of us.

Read on to get to know Kimberley and what to expect from our Leadership Ace Master Class course starting in May.

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ACE: Why is the work you do so important to you? What fuelled this passion?

Kimberley: Back in my restaurant management days, over the years my team would come to me with challenges that seemingly had nothing to do with work, from navigating school, to relationships, hard conversations and decisions. I was so touched they shared intimate details of their lives with me and wanted formal training to be the best support I could be.

Then when I was with Lululemon, a mentor shared with me, “we want better people to live in this world, regardless if they work with us for 2 month, 2 years or 2 decades.”. Something clicked.

I saw the connection and potential heart-lead leadership had, we could help others find their brilliance, their light, and while doing so, build an incredibly strong culture. Internal growth is always first, external comes after. I started to see the connection how people and organizations are so similar. As people we’re driven by purpose, lead by values and vision pulls us into the future. Companies are no different, and the magical, although sometimes tricky part is having those purpose, values and vision be as imbedded in each individual as they are the owner/founder.

ACE: What has been your biggest career breakthrough?

Kimberley: Experiencing the pain of a business partnership ending. It felt so out of control and I felt like the victim at the time, thinking how dare someone treat me that way and that I was wronged. What I realized through the process was as hard as it was, the universe is always working for us, not against us. It was so hard to let go of that old story, I felt justified and shared it with as many people as possible. This only reinforced my feelings. Finally when I had an aha that I was creating my own reality and did the painful process of looking at my part in the mess. When I was finally able to let go of the old story, and accept the learning and that I was better because of the experience, not in spite of it, my business took off.

ACE: If you could offer one piece of career advice, what would it be?

As human beings we love the element of control. We think that we need our goals and our life planned out and the next 10 steps planned, or we won’t achieve our dreams. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Control is an illusion. And we try to manipulate situations to our biggest benefit.

What we need to do more of is trust. Trust in our power, trust in putting our intentions, our goals, out there and having a plan, however being unattached to the outcome. Intention without attachment is an incredibly powerful thing.

As we step outside our comfort zones into our growth zone,  the next ten steps are never clear. However the next right one always is. When we take the step, the next appears. This is trust. This is co-creation with the universe and following our purpose. A mantra I use and share with my clients when it’s hard to see the forest through the trees is, “it’s this, or it’s something better”. This allows us to hold our intention of what we want to have happen, yet be unattached to the result, knowing that outcome will always be to our highest good, even if it’s not 100% clear in the moment.

ACE: Which women inspire you and why?

Brene Brown’s work and how she writes speaks to my soul! She uses words like “us”, “we” and “our”. By doing so she puts herself in the arena with us- no pedestal or “expert” badge. As a coach, it’s important to me to share my failures, my missteps and hard lessons. We’re all in this together.

Further to that, I’m lucky to have 2 mom’s- one by birth and one by choice- both are so unique and both are incredible. I grew up in a single father household and Maureen came into my life at 11, and even though she was only with my father for a short period of time, she and I still have a deep bond over two decades later. She’s strong and has an incredible business and corporate mind.

My birth mom on the other hand backpacked through Europe and lived in a cave in Spain. True story- it came out at Christmas this year! She has a massive heart and is a true “artist” is every sense of the word. She flows. She’s creative. And doesn’t have a lick of business sense.

ACE: What's the value in having a coach?

The essence of coaching is holding up a mirror- discovering our authentic selves, our brilliance and our power- then assisting the (often messy) process of aligning our outer life with our inner. The value of having a coach is a guide on the journey- someone who truly sees us, believes in us, and knows when we’re not being 100% honest with ourselves.

So much more than creating accountability (we do that too), we have special knowledge and training in mindset, performance, goal setting and achievement to keep us on track.

If you’ve had an amazing idea for years but haven’t executed, or get in your own way (umm... all of us!), have a fear of failure (or success for that matter), feel like there’s untapped potential inside of you but are unsure where to start, what a stronger company, better culture, better relationships or need some guidance to get to your goals faster, then coaching is for you. The best analogy I have of the value of a coach is it’s like driving a car with the emergency break on, when we realize it’s been on the whole time (coaching) and take it off, all of a sudden things get easier and we wonder what we ever did before.

Connect with Kimberley on Instagram here and her website here.

Our Leadership Master Class with Kimberley starts on May 7th. Want to level up your leadership with a coach that will hold you accountable to reach your dreams? Kimberley is your girl. Learn more about how the Ace Master Class can support you here.