Meet Our RISE Speakers: Lizzie MacNeill (Later Media)

A disruptor in the way things are done in the social and digital space, Lizzie MacNeill’s secret sauce is in cultivating strong, long-lasting relationships and brand partnerships. She’s the head of Partnerships & PR at Later Media (, the #1 Instagram marketing and scheduling platform with over 2 million users globally and has previously worked with Hockey Canada and Saje Natural Wellness in developing their social & marketing strategies.

It’s safe to say that Lizzie is your go-to gal for all things social, and we’re so excited to have her join the RISE Stage on our Level Up Your Brand: Letting it Shine Through panel on October 27th. Read on to learn more about Lizzie and see her present live at RISE as she shares all the tips and tricks to creating a social presence that wows.


ACE: What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Lizzie: Focus on making people laugh. At the end of the day, the value you bring to this world is in the strength and depth of your relationships with others, and there’s no better way to build that connection than making the people around you feel good.

ACE: How do you empower other women?

Lizzie: Through education! I love sharing knowledge that helps people skip steps so they can start to innovate faster. When I started out in my professional career, social media didn’t really exist as a professional job so everything I was doing was learning how to create systems and processes to ensure that I was making an impact and tracking growth. After I took on some leadership roles in social media, I was asked to begin teaching it at Mount Royal University which really helped me distill the insights and learnings from my career so I could share that knowledge. Now at Later, I’ve been able to continue that passion for education by working on countless courses on everything you need to know about Instagram, and partnering up with people who are really killing it in the industry to make sure that their knowledge is shared so we can all level up together.

ACE: Mistakes are portals for growth. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a mistake or failure?

Lizzie: I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it doesn’t pay to be humble at work. I really believe in your personal life that humility is an incredible quality, and it’s important to me to build trust and a reputation that speaks for itself. What I didn’t realize early on in my career is that you can’t bank on that at work because things change too fast, and you’re always developing new and important relationships. You are responsible for outlining your achievements and championing your own success, no one else will really do it for you.

ACE: What’s a belief you’re ready to release, or rise from, and a new one you’d like to adopt?

Lizzie: I think I’d love to adopt a focus on collaboration over competition and finding more ways to celebrate team success vs. personal success.

ACE: What can guests expect you to talk about at RISE?

Lizzie: We’ll be talking about Instagram marketing and working in marketing in tech in general! Looking forward to an awesome panel discussion.

ACE: What are you rising from, to or for?

Lizzie: Can I say my mom? Haha. I think in general it’s still so important to recognize women in leadership (especially in tech!)  and find ways to support growth in your own community. I’d love to see even more women in senior roles, and we can all grow by supporting each other to get there.

Connect with Lizzie: @lizziemacneill @latermedia

Want more? Join us at RISE in Vancouver this October to hear Lizzie dig into a talk on Personal Branding for social. Get tickets here.