Meet Our RISE Speakers: Selina Gray

Selina Gray puts her money where her mouth is. Not only is she a CPA, CA and money relationship expert, but she has completely transformed the financial realm through her practical, honest and values-driven approach. Get to know her a little deeper before you come hear her speak at RISE.


Ace: What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

Selina: Don’t wait to be happy, those things that make you feel alive, do more of it. You will never regret joy. And bravo soul, put far less stock in what others say about you. Stay in your own lane, you’re destined for rewarding, fun and soulful work.

Ace: Which women inspire you and why?

Selina: Oprah – of course. She’s a legend. Gabby Bernstein – her book, Spirit Junkie helped me awaken to my true self and Conscious Wealth. My best friend Jaime, she just lost her 4 year old to brain cancer in 2018 and she chooses love over fear — to celebrate and appreciate four beautiful years with her.

Ace: What can guests expect you to talk about at RISE?

Selina: How to create inner richness. Why self-worth does not equal net worth. How money is energy and why having a nourishing relationship with money can impact nearly all relationships in your life. How to charge what you’re worth. How to call in abundance in your business and your life. How to be a CEO of your business. All the things!

Ace: What is your proudest mistake?

Selina: I’m struggling to recall one, which means I’m proudest of my ability to forgive myself for poor decisions. I’ve made many, but I’m always resilient. I always choose to see the good, and do better from what I’ve learned. Life is such a gift – my auto-immune disease has taught me this.

Ace: What does supporting women mean to you?

Selina: Believing in women, when they are struggling to believe in themselves. Reminding women of their greatness, helping them see what they previously thought was impossible is far closer than they think. Sharing your struggles and lessons so they too can rise from theirs. Being a cheerleader, because we all need one.

Ace: What’s your personal goal or resolution for 2019?

Selina: To follow my abundance mantra – “fun, free and easy”. All my personal and professional decisions are vetted with this. This mantra helps honour my auto-immune disease, helps me create an impact, keeps me high vibe and also help other souls along the way.

For me, changing our relationship to money creates a ripple effect of positivity that literally knows no bounds.

Stay connected with Selina: @selinagmoney