Meet Our RISE Speakers: Stephanie Pollock

One-part coaching, one-part-consulting, and a lot of parts cheerleading and challenging, Stephanie Pollock is helping talented women go pro with their dreams. Her approach is grounded in what’s best for every individual, and at RISE she will be speaking about how to grow without compromise, because let’s face it, burnout is never beautiful.

Stephanie Pollock

Ace: What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

Stephanie: Think less, do more. And don’t worry about what everyone else is thinking about you — they’re not paying that much attention.

Ace: Which women inspire you and why?

Stephanie: I’m inspired by women who show up, speak up, and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. Brené Brown, Shonda Rhimes, Eleanor Roosevelt and J.K. Rowling come to mind.

Ace: What can guests expect you to talk about at RISE?

Stephanie: As women rise, they also often find themselves in overwhelm, exhaustion, and on the brink of burnout. In my talk I’ll be sharing five ways women can rise without compromise so they can continue to grow and lead, without sacrificing themselves in the process.

Ace: What is your proudest mistake?

Stephanie: Leaping into entrepreneurship without a net or a clear plan. I’d never recommend taking this approach to my clients, but 11 years later, I’m glad I bet on myself and took the risk.

Ace: What does supporting women mean to you?

Stephanie: My entire career has centered on supporting women because I truly believe that it will be women that change our world. And I believe that we don’t operate in a zero sum game — there is more than enough to go around. Our world is better and stronger when we lift women up — as they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Ace: What’s your personal goal or resolution for 2019?

Stephanie: This year I’m making a bold-ass move and writing my first book! I’m nervous, excited, and ready for this next step.

Stay connected with Stephanie: @stephaniepollockinc