Meet Our RISE Speakers: Terri Cole

We are no stranger to the magic that Terri Cole has within. She inspired, empowered and rose with us at our last conference in Calgary, and now she is taking the stage again in Vancouver this October.

Terri stands out as a change maker, boundary expert and cultivator of real love within us all. Her presence, honesty and ability to cut through the noise and gain clarity on what needs to be done is remarkable. Read on to gain a little insight into who Terri is before she takes the mic to inspire us all to RISE.


ACE: What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Terri: Stop stressing about ALL the things and have faith that once you get emotionally healthy, it will all work out better than you could have ever imagined. 

ACE: How do you empower other women?

Terri: I am like a human GPS to help women locate their strength, uniques answers and superpowers through my programs and offerings.

ACE: Mistakes are portals for growth. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a mistake or failure?

Terri: That I am not fragile and that “mistakes” are simply a part of the ongoing higher learning process called life. We must accept, embrace and learn from our mistakes for our own evolution AND if we hope to avoid repeating them.

ACE: What’s a belief you’re ready to release, or rise from, and a new one you’d like to adopt?

Terri: I am ready to release being “too busy” and rise into total expansion of always having more than enough time on a macro and micro level. 

ACE: What can guests expect you to talk about at RISE?

Terri: You can expect me to speak on how to attract, nurture and sustain healthy, vibrant Real Love in your lives, starting with Self-Love and based on my 5 Pillars of Real Love.

ACE: What are you rising from, to or for?

Terri: I am rising to a calling to empower as many women as possible to create lives, loves and careers that thrill them! 

Connect with Terri: @terricole

Want more? Join us at RISE in Vancouver this October to hear Terri dig into a talk on nurturing and sustaining healthy real love and boundaries in your life. Get tickets here.