Productivity Tools You Need to Get Shit Done Faster

We all need a little bit of a productivity push to encourage us to stay on track or even just to get us going again. Since we all don’t have a personal assistant, we have a list of tools to help you boost your efficiency and keep your focus strong. 


Here’s some of the tools we’re obsessed with right now:

Astro – an Email and Calendar App.

This built-in virtual assistant filters through the clutter in your inbox, unsubscribes you from junk mail, and prioritizes the emails you need to read by notifying you of what you receive in your Priority Inbox. You can choose to send emails later, create follow-up email reminders, and you can even read, manage, and reply to emails hands-free using Astrobot’s A.I technology.  The best part? There is an unsend feature that gives you a second chance to edit your email within ten seconds of hitting send so you can make typos extinct. #blessed

Use a good ol’ notebook and pen.

Get back to basics and write your ideas, thoughts, and must-dos down. The simple act of putting it on paper helps you clear your mind and lets you make room to think about more important things. 

Momentum – A Habit Tracker App.

Sometimes we all need reminders that little distractions are the biggest threat to productivity. This app helps you set yourself up for success and keeps you focused on your tasks. It allows you set up goals that you want to complete or put into practice for the week and synchs to all of your devices to keep you on track. 

Develop proper sleep hygiene.

This is the most powerful productivity tool out there. Unplug 30 minutes before you wish to be asleep and avoid any screen time (including lulling yourself to sleep with Netflix) to get a better quality sleep. Avoid working from your laptop or answering emails from your phone in bed. Disconnecting from screens allows your eyes and brain to unwind as the light screens emit keeps us stimulated. Turning away from your devices can help reduce anxiety (once you get over the FOMO). Keep your bed as the spot for relaxation and it will train the body to do just that.

Buffer – a Social Media Management App.

In between using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the ‘gram for your personal account and business, your head can really start to spin trying to keep up. Save yourself the finger fatigue and access all of your social media outlets from this single app that lets you pre-post, schedule upcoming content, and re-post all while tracking your performance along the way. 


Sure, having organizational tools helps keep our lives more streamlined, but without a calm mind, you can’t be the best version of yourself. Avoid burnout and increase your creativity by taking time to practice being in the present moment. There are also apps to help guide you like Headspace, Aura, or Calm. 

Have the courage to say, “I can’t right now” to additional projects.

The reality is, we’re not Bradley Cooper in Limitless. We don’t have the power to use 100% of our brain all day, every day with super speed. It’s so important to know how much you can take on at a time. This is the best strategy to minimize your stress and feel able to keep afloat.

Ask for help when you need it.

Do you have multiple competing deadlines and feel like you are losing sleep and sanity trying to keep on top of it all? Ask for help. Perhaps a deadline extension or an extra set of hands can help you from crashing and burning.