Reaching Your Full Potential with Jennifer Barroll

Her wit will comfort you and her passion will inspire you. Jennifer Barroll is one of the most down to earth and approachable ladies we know. She’s passionate as hell and does whatever it takes to make things happen on the fly, not to mention she has a way with words and can make light of a difficult situation with her good vibes. It’s pretty much impossible not to admire Jennifer for her ability to make things matter and her unwavering grit to keep going after what she wants - she truly is a boss babe.


Jennifer was recognized in Avenue Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list in 2015 and has built a reputation in the Calgary community as a woman who gives back and helps others realize their full potential. Currently, Jennifer is the program director for the CYJS In The Lead program, a leadership development and coaching program that partners vulnerable high school students with volunteer coaches from the city’s corporate community. The program focuses on students’ strengths, and empowers young adults to discover their voice and build confidence. Jennifer also runs her own business, Barroll Consulting, and is the Communications Director at Azuridge - talk about a lady on the go! Side note: You need to look up Azuridge because it is seriously one of the most beautiful places in Alberta.

A true boss who tells it like it is with a no BS policy, she’s all about real talk and vulnerability – everything Ace is built on. We are beyond thrilled to have Jennifer tell her story as our next Calgary Babes Who Brunch speaker. Join us as shit gets real and she digs into her experiences and learnings.

To keep things feeling fresh and fun, we're switching it up with a new venue location for the summer! Meet us at Bonterra on July 28th for some brunch, real talk, and a chance to connect with some fellow babes. Jennifer has spoken at previous Ace events and we were completely blown away by her energetic personality and charm. We have no doubt she will be serving up some impactful advice and relatable stories that you won't want to miss.


Words by Kayla Pearcey