Showing up as the Best Version of Yourself at RISE

Self care is the best type of care and we’re all about being our own hype girls, especially during the bigger events and experiences in our lives.


If you haven’t seen or heard through the grapevine yet, Ace is throwing our first annual conference, RISE in celebration of International Women’s Day from March 7-9, 2019. Think conference meets retreat meets all parts magic featuring 15+ thought leaders to empower you to step into the best version of yourself and elevate your leadership capacity to new heights. Providing a well-rounded experience, topics range from entrepreneurship to wellness to marketing and personal finance to so much more. Check out the schedule here.

With two whole days of packed programming, it’s important to ensure you’re fully present and fuelled with the desire to take in all the inspiration coming ahead. This is an investment in yourself after all, better make the most of it. So, how can you show up as the best version of yourself for both days of the conference? Glad you asked:

A good night’s sleep. Yes, we said sleep. A good night’s sleep before heavily stimulating events helps ensure that your brain is refreshed and open to absorbing new information. The lingering feeling of fatigueness limits your ability to be fully present in all the magic at all times. And trust us when we say, you’re going to want to take this all in. If you’re travelling to Calgary for RISE and want to stay near our conference venue, the beautiful Azuridge, but still within city limits, we’ve got you. Marriott Courtyard South is the perfect location for Calgarians and out-of-towners to indulge in themselves, their beauty rest and their conference meets retreat experience. As our official #Staycation partner, Marriott Courtyard South is offering our ladies a sweet deal to stay closeby.

Plan your day. Since you’ll wake up all refreshed from the get-go (refer to the first point), you’ll have ample time to set yourself up for success and plan your sessions (we have three different speaker tracks!). Do a glance over the schedule and ensure you’re ready to furiously take down those notes to refresh your mind later of all the good takeaways shared.

Give yourself enough time in the morning. Yes, we know your room is going to be hella cozy in the morning. BUT, make sure you give yourself enough time each morning of the conference to freshen up, set intentions for the day ahead and arrive at Azuridge promptly for the day of sessions. No one likes to feel rushed in the morning, especially during a weekend that’s meant to empower and instill a sense of groundedness in yourself.  

After a day of inspirational talks, workshops and connection opportunities with like-minded women, your heart will be open, your body will be refreshed and your mind will be ready to grow. Kick off those shoes off and enjoy a couple nights of just you, no distractions - you deserve it.

If you’re in need of a getaway and want to experience a little staycation during RISE, head here to select the Staycation package through us. We’ll handle the booking details with Marriott Courtyard Calgary to book your weekend stay.