Spring Time Sippin' (and a giveaway!)

Spring is finally here — can we get a cheers to that? Although the temperatures have just started rising, we already have rosé on the brain. We wanted to get the inside scoop on what we should be reaching for when planning our next patio soirée, so we chatted with the go-to gal for all things wine, Sarra from Rocky Mountain Wine, Spirits & Beer. Keep reading for her curated list of sips that are perfect to kick off the season. Get ready to raise a glass!

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Faustino Brut Cava Rosado $17.99

If your phone auto corrects rose to rosé, you’re going to love this sip. Bursting with red berry flavours and made with a 100% Garnacha, this pink drink would liven up any party in a hurry!


Suavia Soave Classico $22.99

Fresh, fruity, and fun! This award-winning wine is made for spring. It’s like happy-hour in a bottle. Stuck in a Pinot Grigio rut? This vino will expand your horizons and help you drink better without spending more money. Don’t be afraid of the varietal (Garganega) - this sip will entice your taste buds to try new wines.


Laxas Abarino $22.99

Sips about to go down! This white from Spain is patio wine at its finest. Its grapes are grown near the sea, which makes it the perfect wine to pair with seafood – tuna tacos – we’re looking at you!


Herència Altés Garnatxa Negra $17.99

Celebrate spring by serving up sangria! This 90-point, fruit-filled wine screams sipping sangria on sunshine-filled afternoons. Granache is perfect for sangria – it’s loaded with fruit and has little spice. Throw it in a pitcher, cut up some fruit, and you’re good to go!


Quinta De La Rosa douRosa $24.99

Now that your BBQ is finally un-buried from the snow, it’s time to start grilling. Nothing goes better with BBQ than this bottle. It’s Sarra’s latest obsession and seriously delicious. While Portugal is renowned for its ports, it also makes some exceptional whites and reds at ridiculously good price points. This bottle will have you thirsting for more.

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