Key Takeways from Toast Vol. 02 Wonder Woman in Calgary

“You’ve got to be your own hype girl,” shared Elisa Boyd, Co-Founder of Juice Because. This statement gave us some series life from this panelist and boss babe.


While it might seem like an oxymoron, having it all and balance at the same time… all the panelists encouraged us to start with OURSELVES, and our definitions of what happiness, balance, or success mean to us as individuals. Stay tuned for more details as I ease your FOMO and enlighten you with the key takeaways from this lovely affair.

The event, “Toast Vol. 02 – Wonder Woman,” was held at the newly opened and prestigious space called The Pioneer within the downtown core of Calgary. I totally want to use this event space for my future wedding reception, that is how gorgeous and yet hip and modern it is.

This crisp fall morning had women flocking from all corners of the city ready to start their day off with a mini-meditation. We had ladies sipping juice as well as munching on delicious bread with jams and tapenades from Monogram Coffee.

What a lovely morning indeed. We heard from Poppy Barley’s Jane Sevick who hosted the panel discussion with style and grace as a Retail Operations Manager at the coolest Canadian leather goods company. She evoked emotion and wisdom from the other panel members: Elisa Boyd of Juice Because, Morgan Craig-Broadwith of Live It Active, and Jamie Conroy of ORENDA Society.

Morgan spoke greatly of grit, recommending the book by Angela Duckworth. She reminded us that while we should work our asses off and do our best every single day, there is something to be said about the ugly truth of, “We are all replaceable.” It was this truth that set Morgan, herself, free as she navigated nearly nine rounds of reductions and reorganizations in her career within oil and gas. She also emphasized the importance of boundaries and being able to respect yourself in this process. She was surprised to notice that when she set clear boundaries at work, they were often received relatively positively and respected wholeheartedly. It was this realization that led her to the genuine passion for, “Helping individuals become gritty badasses while ensuring they remain compassionate to themselves along the way,” in her side hustle.

Similarly, Jamie Conroy talked about self-care and the re-programming associated with positive self-talk. “Start by being truly grateful,” she reminded the crowd as we leaned in to understand her personal definition for balance and having it all. This mindful boss lady spends her days delivering, “A unique blend of personal development opportunities incorporating yoga, meditation, and mindfulness activities to enhance youth’s ability to navigate confidently through life and walk their path with purpose.”

Last, but certainly not least, Elisa shared her nuggets of wisdom around avoiding the “if-then” model of success and creating space to prioritize yourself and your definition of success versus anyone else’s. “Find fulfillment where you are at,” she advised, and I couldn’t agree more.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering what “having it all” really means and whether or not you deserve it, I encourage you to reflect on the wise words of these female entrepreneurs and leaders in our community. Take a step back and breathe in what you already have, and use mindful awareness to keep you on track.