The Career Changing Checklist

We’ve all been there – your alarm goes off on a Monday morning and you have that sense of dread along with craving five more minutes of sleep weighing your head down into your pillow. Whether you have a side hustle that you're debating on taking the risk to turn it into a full-time gig, or you've simply gotten tired of the same daily grind you've had for years, this list will help you consider if it's time for you to hand in your resignation notice. 


Your company/organization is plummeting. 

Just because you’re a loyal and dedicated employee, does not mean you need to sink with them. Take your flotation device, jump off the boat, and save yourself. 

You’ve become a negative Nancy and dislike the people you work with/for.

Do you find yourself subtly evil-eyeing colleagues and rolling your eyes at meetings or dropping f-bombs under your breath? You’re irritable and not feeling like yourself. There are certain conflicts that can be resolved and, the sad reality is, some are too complex and just can’t be fixed. 

You feel underappreciated at work.

We all deserve to get a compliment or a high-five for the hard work we put in. If you feel like you’ve put in extra effort, energy, or even hours, but you’re not getting any recognition, it’s time that you feel your worth elsewhere. 

You feel unchallenged and unable to grow further professionally.

You feel like your feet are in quick sand, and you're unable to move forward. You're feeling downright uninterested in doing your tasks and you’re unmotivated. You're unable to set goals for growth as you feel stagnant in your position and know that there is no room for you to move on up. It's time to move on. 

Your work performance is suffering.

It’s normal we all have our off-days where you may have forgotten you had a meeting or you mixed up a date for a deadline. Although, if you or your colleagues are noticing that your work habits are growing slower and weaker, and you’re making little mistakes, deep down, you may simply no longer care about what you are doing. 

You find yourself disagreeing with your company’s values.

Are you feeling that what your workplace stands for is bullshit? Have you been a part of or witnessed how a situation was handled by management or staff and completely disagreed with it? If you feel there is unfair treatment and disrespectful behaviours to staff and/or clients that you don’t want to be a part of - don’t be.  

You lack energy and passion for what you do.

You feel like your opinions and/or ideas are not being heard. Your overall energy feels depleted at work even though you had a solid night’s rest. Overall, week after week, you feel your mind is more outside of work than within it. 

You don't having the work-life balance you want.

…and it can be hard to strike even if you were to work your dream job however, if work is overtaking your personal life, then it’s a good time to look at what you can change. 

You often ask yourself, what am I doing here?

Do you find yourself on autopilot or have the spare time to play Solitaire? You are clearly hella bored. If you’re struggling to find the answers to explain what brings you into work every day, you may need a role that will bring you back to actively being in the moment and allows you to feel productive again. 

Your work stress is creating physical or mental health concerns.

If you’ve had to start taking anti-anxiety or sleep meds or feel like your physical health is falling apart, you need to put yourself first. You are more important than your job, and if your job is negatively affecting your health, it’s preventing you from being a good employee anyway. 

You feel that your position doesn’t put your best skills to work.

If you haven’t had a promotion in years or have been given duties that you feel aren’t allowing you to put your best foot forward, you may need a new challenge. 

You have taken your vacation and still come back lacking interest in your work.

The reality is we all need a breather to gain perspective and recharge. If you find after your last couple of vacations, you’re coming back to work with hesitation and doubt, then you could consider other avenues to explore.