The Importance of Mentorship for Both Mentees and Mentors

Have you ever dreamed of having a champion? Someone in your corner? Someone who has been there and done that? 

For those of you seasoned in your careers… Does the idea of learning new things, being challenged to expand your thinking appeal to you? 


Our Join the RISE Mentorship Program is launching this Fall and will focus on bilateral growth for both the mentor and mentee. We believe that the traditional mentorship framework of a seasoned leader sharing their wisdom to a younger individual has merit but that it doesn’t create explosive growth for either party.

Bilateral growth is guiding both the mentor and mentee to equally contribute to the mentoring relationship in both skills and knowledge. This can be an incredible tool for growth in all areas of your life, career and business. 

To celebrate this launch, we are sharing four reasons mentorship is important for both mentees and mentors: 

1. Diversity of Perspectives

Different viewpoints and perspectives can open up a world of possibilities and options.  

2. Accountability on Goals

Have a goal in mind but have yet to reach it? Those who participate in mentorship programs are 40% more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down. This increases to 70% if the goals are shared with someone to keep them accountable, such as a mentor. 

3. Strategic Network Building

Take your network further and begin to cultivate long-term relationships with these individuals and ask for helpful introductions. A mentor can introduce you to those in their network that they believe could benefit you in other areas outside of their expertise. Mentors—you will be able to connect with all the mentors within our Mentorship Program, building on your professional network even further. 

4. Leadership Development and Personal Wealth

Mentorship has been proven to accelerate leadership growth and leads to an increase in salary by 28.8%, combined with an average 65.9% increase in bonus, for a total of 29% rise in total compensation. In terms of growth, 50% of those who have had a mentor report very high satisfaction in their career growth trajectory. Being involved in a mentorship program leads to an increase in overall self-awareness and growth opportunities. 

Creating a community that supports the growth and experience of every woman at every stage and place in their life is an important value of ours here at ACE. We are focused on ensuring that both the mentor and mentee are growing through this process and time commitment. This is the why behind our Mentorship Program coming this Fall. Connect with other women in business and apply now. Limited space available in both mentee and mentor streams.