The Power of Vision Boards

Have you ever built a vision board?

Often, I have seen the art of vision boarding advertised as a New Years’ resolution tactic. However, I would like to argue that it does not matter what time of year you set your goals, having a visual representation of what you want can work some powerful magic. Not only are you setting the intention, but you are tapping into your prefrontal cortex with the cognitive tool of visualization. Research from various doctors in the area of psychology have testified to the positive effects of vision boarding. This is not a joke!

Vision board
…with the help of pictures from magazines, Dr. Maciolek’s patient could literally hold onto his dream.
— Psychology Today

I first started reading into the powers of visualization and manifestation when I was 15 years old. I remember I got my hands on the book, “The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne, and when I hit the chapter that referenced vision boarding I knew I had hit the jackpot.

As a relatively anxious teenager stuck on Vancouver Island who had great academic outcomes, but very few friends as a result, this was the perfect outlet. I could exercise my creativity muscles, get into a flow state, and build beautiful posters with my piles of dog-eared NYLON and Cosmopolitan magazines. I remember, one of the most impactful vision boards I made towards the end of high school had a picture of a yellow Mini Cooper, the Sauder School of Business logo, and a variety of other photos representing travel and social experiences.

I still testify to this day that I manifested my acceptance letter and $15,000 scholarship using the power of vision boarding. Not to mention, my father found a great deal on a yellow Mini Cooper and gifted it to me one day after graduation. I packed up my sunshine coloured ‘Coop’, jetted off to downtown Vancouver, and was living the exact life I put on my vision board at 18 years old.


This pattern continues. I have also been manifesting feathers for the last 12 years since reading law of attraction books and deciding to harness the powers of visualization for myself. The interesting part about manifesting feathers, that I only recently learned, is that this supposedly means that the Universe is listening to my requests. I have found these feathers at the dog park, or smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk when walking to spin class, or even sticking to my clothing.

Are you ready to get started? It is truly the simplest process, anyone can do it! Here are a few tips:

1. Ask Yourself, “What Do You Want?”

No dream is too big or small for a vision board. The important part here is that it is what you want, not what society or your family wants for you. This is a personal process. Reflection and commitment are extremely important. If you do not want it bad enough, it will not come to fruition.

2. Decide Visually How to Represent This.

The example that I hear quite often is on the topic of loneliness. If you keep telling yourself you are unlovable, bored, and lonely you are fostering a self-fulfilling prophecy. One of the tricks to vision boarding successfully is you need to be able to step into the feeling of already having what you want. This means you need to be able to step into the love, friendship, or companionship that you desire if loneliness is your current condition. To do this, a visual representation or anchor that sparks the feeling you want needs to go on vision boarding. If the images do not trigger a sensation in your brain or body, keep going until it feels right.

3. Put It Somewhere You Will See It!

The third and most important trick to vision boarding is that regardless of what you put on it, you must look at it. It should be somewhere that you are forced to look at it every day. Mine is currently next to my work-from-home office where I spend the most time. Whenever I am pondering a client question, or considering a new project, I naturally glance over at my vision board and remind myself of what I am working towards. Another great place to put your vision board is on your mirror (bathroom or otherwise) that you use every morning to get ready for the day.

The interesting part about vision boarding is that it continues to change my life. Today my vision board reflects overarching goals in my business and personal life, many of which are money related. While a lot of people have shame or guilt attached to money, abundance mindset is an area I have been practicing for the last year. A girlfriend of mine informed me that the ideal amount of money to manifest would be $3.66 million dollars. This way, you can invest it and live off the interest indefinitely. I laughed, and she said, “Well, I have manifested many things in my life so far, so why not this!”

I could not argue. So, I decided it was a sign and put this dollar figure on my vision board as well. Thus, I should be writing a blog post at this time next year from the Bahamas!

Happy manifesting.